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Kuki Tanuki

Everything about Kuki Tanuki is cool. From the wall murals to the partially open kitchen, the restaurant is about both the experience and the food. Their sake is unmatched and delicious options fill the menu. Terikayi, Sukiyaki, Wagyu Beef, Gyoza. They have it all. Each dish has a suggested drink companion. Their sushi menu provides […]

Sushi Wow

When you’ve got a craving for fish, get your fix at Sushi Wow. You’ll feel at home right away. The staff greets you with a hearty Japanese welcome before ushering you to a seat in front of the long sushi train. Colourful dishes float gracefully past, waiting to be snatched up. From nigiri to edamame, […]


Sushi and jazz may be a match made in heaven – a sophisticated and elegant combo. Enjoy the salmon sashimi and wagyu beef while smooth musicians fulfil your La La Land fantasies with delightful live jazz music at Jazushi. It's a unique dining experience. The beautiful interior decor, the mood lighting and scrumptious food, makes […]

Gou Sushi

Chef Chun Man Lau (Rio) makes a powerful case for fusion at this new Surry Hills sushi train, using methods he honed endearing Yukiguni to Cabramatta’s diverse locals. "We have to use the local ingredients - local fish or local ingredients - to make something new," says Rio.

Newtown Sushi Train

The words ‘sushi train’ don’t always fill me with the greatest of confidence. Too often I’ve been burned with boring, lack-lustre offerings. The first clue that this Newtown stalwart (opened in 2004) is different, is a glass cabinet featuring beautiful batons of sashimi-grade fish.


When Raymond Ang first opened Zushi in Darlinghurst back in 2005, he tells me they were the only ones doing the special inside-out rolls that are now a staple on modern Japanese menus.


It’s been two years since I visited PaperPlanes and like catching up with an old friend, things quickly fell back into place.

Umi Kaiten-Zushi

Festival season is in full swing with both Vivid and Sydney Film Festival drawing everybody into town.


I’m not a huge fan of shopping malls or sushi trains for that matter. Chaos and carnage always reigns, especially at this time of year. But up on Level 6 of Bondi Junction’s Westfield you can find some respite.