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Concert For Life

Occasionally in order for something beautiful to exist, we must endure tragedy. It is exactly this philosophy which inspired the initial creation of the Concert For Life event in 2015, and its subsequent return this year. Concert For Life is a rare special event which coincides with World Suicide Prevention Day and will see some […]

Beautiful Minds

BY RITA BRATOVICH The recent screening of the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why was one of the most watched, especially among young people. Based on the book by Jay Asher, it tells the fictional story of Hannah Baker, a high school student who, after a succession of horrible events which include public shaming, rape, and […]

“Most effective suicide prevention strategy ever”: report reveals promising findings

BY KENJI SATO A study of notorious suicide destinations has found that installing nets and barriers at these ‘suicide hotspots’ reduces the rate of suicide at these sites by 91 per cent. “It’s amazing”, said Dr Karolina Krysinska, a researcher at the Black Dog Institute in Sydney and one of the report’s authors. “It seems […]