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Richard III

Of all Shakespeare’s villains, Richard III would have to be the most calculating, the most villainous, and yet the most beguiling, beating the infamous Iago hands down. This is why Jamie Collette, director/actor for the online theatre company Streamed Shakespeare, chose to present him to online viewers. Jamie said, “Richard of Gloucester is a nasty, […]

It’s SUSS – Live Stream Off the Leash

By Rida Babar With COVID-19 restrictions causing large events, including concerts to be on an uncertain standstill, major event planning company October Sun has come to a halt. The company’s Director, Ben Eadie, has started up a COVID-friendly project called Sydney Underground Streaming Sessions (SUSS) to keep the magic of concerts alive in an innovative […]

Streamed Shakespeare – Two Noble Kinsmen

Aussie theatre initiative Streamed Shakespeare presents a creative way of uniting people in isolation through creating streaming adaptations of The Bard’s most loved plays. Inspired by the COVID-19 crisis, cast and crews have expanded to an international scale as it was initially drawing on only Sydney based talent. The upcoming play Two Noble Kinsmen directed by […]

New Virtual Venue, The Reservoir Room

Born from the necessity to resurrect Sydney's live entertainment scene in the wake of COVID-19, a dedicated group of industry professionals including multi-award-winning Australian entertainer Catherine Alcorn, TV/film producer Brian Cobb and three time Gold Logie nominee Rodger Corse have joined forces to create the country's newest 'virtual venue' The Reservoir Room. Beginning on Friday […]

Virtual Murder Mystery

Red Herring Games virtual live event whodunnit can now come directly to your living room once you click accept on your Zoom invite. Managing director of Red Herring, Jo Smedly says “it’s the nicest thing is to see people joining the event from all around the world and meeting each other for the first time.” […]

Lights Up On The Arts [Home Delivery]

"The Arts CAN NOT and WILL NOT close" Despite the devastation felt throughout the Arts industry as a result of COVID-19 and subsequent social distancing measures there remains a sense of optimism among the community. This optimism is perhaps best highlighted by the sense of generosity shown by artists and production companies as they continue […]

Gruesome Playground Injuries

The critically acclaimed play Gruesome Playground Injuries by Rajiv Joesph, will be available to stream on May 9 on YouTube through Red Line Productions. The play will be read by homegrown talents, Rose Byrne and Ewen Leslie. Red Line Productions in these uncertain times is proudly bringing the theatre to you.  Red Lines Artistic Director Andrew […]

Sole Sessions

Out of the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic a brand new initiative has been launched to bring homegrown Australian entertainment into the lives of people across the country and around the world. Sole Sessions is an innovative new steaming delivery method designed to allow artists in lockdown to scratch their performance itch, generate a small […]

Breaking Glass

Carriageworks and Sydney Chamber Opera (SCO) are gearing up to present an online world premiere of four operatic pieces this Friday.  The Breaking Glass event will see Australian female composers: Peggy Polias, Josephine Macken, Georgia Scott and Bree van Reyk present their pieces together via a Facebook broadcast. Breaking Glass is the result of two […]

Live From The Island – Vera Blue

Record labels exist to release music, promote artists and help those artists organise live tours. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 though one leg of that tripod has been kicked out from underneath them. With artists no longer able to perform shows to audiences live in person the labels and artists have had to innovate and […]