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Meet the Locals: Designer.Iam

BY STATON WHALEY Meet Bernard Kassab, founder of Designer.Iam, a creative marketing company with a versatile range of techniques for design, research, and promotion. Kassab started the company ten years ago while he was still a university student, but he has seen the company take off in the last three years. He has experience in […]

Bunnings bummer for Balmain

BY STATON WHALEY After the Inner West Council had a development application to build a new Bunnings on Parsons Street in Rozelle withdrawn twice, the developer appealed to the Land and Environment Court of NSW. The original application was withdrawn for reasons that included blocking the street view, late working hours, and traffic congestion. Another […]

The grass is definitely greener

BY STATON WHALEY A recent proposal for the legalisation of marijuana, put through to Parliament by the Greens Party has gained support from civil libertarian Senator for NSW, David Leyonhjelm. With both the Greens’ and Leyonhjelm’s outspoken support for cannabis usage many are left wondering if the devil’s lettuce is so evil after all. A […]

Charities Caught in Crossfire

BY STATON WHALEY A Turnbull government bill banning foreign political donations in an attempt to keep politics less influenced from out of country interests has caught smaller political parties as well as not-for-profit charities in its crosshairs. The Foreign Influence Transparency Bill is the most notable of three bills which have caused recent controversy. The […]

To the bestos of our knowledge

BY STATON WHALEY The detection, removal, and disposal of asbestos and lead paint is no simple matter, as seen by the numerous amounts of instructions and warnings on council and NSW government websites. So why is it that the Innerwest Council did not take proper precaution against such a prevalent Sydney issue when demolishing two […]

Classic Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist

BY STATON WHALEY Diners at Capriccio Osteria can enjoy Italian dishes inspired by traditional Italian cuisine spiced up with whatever Australian freshness is at hand. Located on Norton Street in Leichhardt, the white and yellow decor matches the lemon peel artwork adorning the window. Outdoor dining is ideal on a sunny day in the cozy […]

Skaters flip out for park

BY STATON WHALEY Woollahra Council’s recent revisitation of a proposal for a youth recreation facility at Rushcutters Bay Park has reignited the long term opposition from residents, while local councillors and skateboarders argue it is a positive and necessary addition to the area. The proposed youth recreation facility will have a basketball court, ping pong […]