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Jack And The Beanstalk 3D

Pantomimes have always been incredibly popular in the UK and thanks to Director and Producer Bonnie Lythgoe, Australians are also falling in love with this unique and entertaining form of theatre. “From our first production, Snow White, here in Australia, we have felt the same expression of unbridled joy and love from audiences for our […]


Throughout the world major cultural festivals inevitably reflect the social environment and historical background of the cities in which they are held. Look at Australia for example. The highly successful and always innovative Adelaide Festival has built its brand on both the intimate layout of the city itself and decades of strong patronage of the […]

REVIEW: Madiba – The Musical

Nelson Mandela’s life long struggle for political equality in South African made him a towering figure in human history. His fight against tyranny, oppression and racial discrimination is legendary. For 27 years he was imprisoned for opposing an unjust system of minority white rule. Upon his release in 1990, he set about working with the […]

Sleeping Beauty – A Knight Avenger’s Tale

The school holidays have arrived and this musical pantomime is sure to be a hit amongst families and big kids alike! Producer/director Bonnie Lythgoe explained that many people think pantomimes are merely for children when in reality they're for anybody who wants to enjoy a fun night out. "I don’t know why they think this. […]

Alice In Wonderland

M2 Production and Rapidfire International Inc’s smash hit production of Alice In Wonderland makes its way down under this month at the State Theatre. “Audiences can expect to see an Alice In Wonderland that is both innovative and new but also true to the classic language of Lewis Carroll,” says Georgina Walker, who plays the […]


As a schoolboy in suburban Sydney during the 1960s, one of the highlights of the year was a school excursion, either to somewhere like the Port Kembla steel works or the Museum Of Applied Arts & Sciences in Harris Street, Ultimo. The latter was always a much anticipated experience if only for one particular exhibit […]

Judith Lucy & Denise Scott – Dissapointments

Judith Lucy and Denise Scott are quite the dynamic duo. These two Aussie comedians have come together to create a show that is bound to leave your heart filled with happiness. Disappointments is for “…anyone who has ever been disappointed and/or growing older. In other words, EVERYBODY!” said Lucy. The realness and truth of not […]

Jethro Tull (Ian Anderson)

I’m sitting in Sydney’s beautiful State Theatre, thinking about a young school friend, a genius, who introduced me to the album Aqualung and is the reason I know about Jeffro Tull. The lights dim the audience scream, Ian Anderson walks onto the stage holding his flute above his head. The man behind Jeffro Tull, a […]

Queen – It’s A Kinda Magic

After capturing the hearts of Queen fans around the world, the much loved theatrical creation and full concert experience Queen – It’s A Kinda Magic will tour with a new cast throughout Australia in September. “The show is giving people, particularly the older generation who had a chance to see Freddie Mercury, a reason to […]

Naked City: Sydney’s make do concert venues

  Apart from notables like the Opera House, the City Recital Hall, Sydney Lyric Theatre and the all-purpose Entertainment Centre, Sydney boasts very few purpose-built concert venues – especially for a city that aspires to international status. When it comes to staging concert-style music events there’s a long history of making do with an infrastructure […]