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Revealed: the legacy of government neglect at Millers Point

By Edmund Kirkwood Successive state governments have failed to adequately maintain properties at Millers Point, public housing tenants say. Damning accounts of the neglect shown to these ageing properties call into question the legitimacy of the government’s claim that the houses have simply become too expensive to maintain. In an interview with City News, lifetime […]

Barry O’Farewell: bottle of wine brings down premier

A soap opera of historic proportion unfolded Wednesday before the shocked citizenry of New South Wales. As Prime Minister Tony Abbott travelled to Liverpool to announce the city’s long-awaited second airport, Premier Barry O’Farrell – who was supposed to join him at that press conference – was instead announcing his resignation. In one of the […]

Eddie and Arthur thought too small

Yes, as through this world I've wandered I've seen lots of funny men; Some will rob you with a six-gun, And some with a fountain pen. - Woody Guthrie The ICAC inquiry into the Sydney Water Holdings scam makes fabulous reading. The distinct impression we’re getting is that here was a bunch of conscienceless pirates […]

DJs and drag queens feel lockout squeeze

The state government’s lockout laws are being keenly felt in Sydney’s gay district, with one of Oxford Street’s oldest venues reducing its opening hours and the strip being plunged back into chaos and uncertainty. The Midnight Shift will close its doors Mondays to Wednesdays, opening them again at 2pm on Thursdays. The Shift’s venue promotion […]

Fellowship of the arts

The NSW government has invited local visual artists to apply for a $30,000 grant aimed at facilitating professional development and community support as part of a 2014 fellowship from Arts NSW. Applicants in the first eight years of their professional practice can apply for the grant, which will support a self-directed program covering overseas travel, […]

Council trigeneration ‘reckless’: report

A statutory committee report has condemned the City of Sydney’s pursuit of trigeneration at Green Square as “reckless” and says the modelling was based on “incorrect or uncertain factors”. The state parliamentary Public Accounts Committee report, ‘Polygeneration in New South Wales’, found multiple shortcomings and inconsistencies in the certification system for such emerging technologies. Council […]

Labor ‘could have saved Millers Point’: Greenwich

Labor could have prevented the sell-off of public housing at Millers Point if it had helped amend legislation related to the Barangaroo casino, MP Alex Greenwich says. In November, the independent member for Sydney called on the opposition to “tie their support for [the casino] to the retention of public housing in Millers Point and […]

Zoe’s Law gets bumped

A controversial bill to grant foetal personhood, expected to be brought on for debate in this parliamentary session, has been delayed in the upper house and now faces an uncertain future. Zoe’s Law, as it is known, would declare an unborn child to be a separate living person once it exceeds 20 weeks gestation or […]

They think we doth protest too much

OPINION Three protesters were arrested in Melbourne defending their democratic right to protest following a review of the Summary Offences Act in the Victorian upper house that had been passed on March 11, 2014. The Victorian Bill was being debated in parliament when a group of around 20 protesters - including those engaged in an […]

State to sell Millers Point property

The state government will sell almost 300 public housing properties at Millers Point, it has announced, just two days after the City of Sydney called on the government not to proceed before issuing a social impact statement. Long-standing terraces and the Sirius apartment block are among the buildings to be sold, the Sydney Morning Herald […]