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REVIEW: Come Dance and Sing with Jay and Friends

Come Dance and Sing with Jay and Friends is a live streaming children’s show from the wonderful Riverside Theatre, Parramatta, the second in their digital concert series. Streamed live on Sunday, Aug 9 the show is all about going on an adventure, using your imagination and singing your favourite nursery rhymes and nursery songs. Featuring […]

STAR WARS Identities: The Exhibition

If you want to meet the major and minor characters of the Star Wars films, then Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition, the blockbuster show at the Powerhouse, is the place to be. If you want a lesson in human development thrown in, then ditto. A curious combination to say the least, but the movies as […]

Mortal Engines

Mortal Engines is set in a post-apocalyptic future where mobile, or ‘traction’ cities scour the earth, plundering its remains and each other. None is bigger or more powerful than London, which has crossed what remains of the English Channel (Brentering?) and is roaming the continent in search of prey to feed its hungry machine. But […]


In the 50s and 60s, for a child growing up in Australia, space and the cosmos were a magical engagement. Our vision of the galaxy was largely defined by comics, toys, B-grade movies and some rudimentary science teaching at school. Long before the moon landing in 1969, the spaceships of Hollywood travelled to distant planets […]

The Empire Strips Back

Burlesque may be a far cry from Boba Fett but Russall S. Beattie’s Star Wars burlesque parody, The Empire Strips Back, has returned due to popular demand - only this time with a bigger and better production. Since the show initially opened back in 2011, the sci-fi fantasy has skyrocketed with sexy stormtroopers and sell-out […]


Comedian Charles Ross returns to the stage with encore performances of his world famous One Man Star Wars Trilogy. He has notched over 2,500 performances in 180 cities including New York, London and Dubai with future sights on Japan. By the age of 10, Ross had seen Star Wars over 400 times and play-acted the […]