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Stanley Street Gallery – saplings

A group show curated by Emma Pinsent has taken over the Stanley Street gallery as it showcases the saplings of Sydney's art scene. The exhibition showcases works by artists Anna May Kirk, Tamara Marrington, Chrystal Rimmer, Catriona Secker, and Rebecca Selleck. Across their works these artists explore ideas relating to the Anthropocene, natural and social […]


The word 'séance' is an attempt to communicate with spirits; the word comes from the French word for “session”. The English word however describes a meeting of people gathered to receive messages from spirits via a medium. Returning to Stanley Street Gallery is a group exhibition entitled séance, curated by Sean Morris. This new exhibition […]

Toni Messiter – Beloved

Painter Toni Messiter brings her unique perspective to Stanley Street Gallery this week. Messiter’s works use the framework of traditional portraiture to convey the complexity of family relationships, however rather than using people as her subjects Messiter uses dolls. By using dolls rather than humans in her paintings Messiter imbues the works with a nurturing […]


Tom Christophersen and Michael Simms are two of Australia's most exciting and talented queer, figurative artists. Interfacing is their first collaborative exhibition, featuring a body of new works that articulate the entanglement of technology and the human experience, bearing playful witness to the ongoing digital reformation of our basic social actions. Tom Christophersen is an […]