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I have never been big on statues and even less big on really big statues, like the towering monoliths of the Kim dynasty in North Korea. Closer to home the statues of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, Captain Cook and the various colonial figures that dot our city strike me as the ghosts of the past, […]

REVIEW: We Are The Himalayas

“I know you’re scared. You damn well should be… this place is dreadful.” The extraordinary story of Anna Larina. Punished for being a wife. We Are The Himalayas is a new work by Mark Langham, presented by Brave New Word Theatre Company, expertly transports audiences into the chaos, tension and heartbreak of the Russian Revolution. The play […]

Sami In Paradise

Nikolai Erdman’s 1928 play The Suicide was banned in Soviet Russia, no doubt for the implied criticism of the regime in the work. This explains why it has lent itself to many adaptations at different times and places. Director Eamon Flack says, “I love a big play full of odd-balls and dreamers and Erdman’s play […]