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Tip the scales back to resident power

Opinion By PIP HINMAN The NSW Coalition and NSW Labor voted on November 23 to gift developers another opportunity to tip the scales in their favour and away from local residents and local government. They decided to remove councils’ ability to charge for compliance investigations, despite warnings that this would lead to councils being forced […]

Cost of de-amalgamation must be paid by NSW government

Opinion by PIP HINMAN In response to a seeming concern by Labor councillors Darcy Byrne and Mark Drury that rates would rise in any demerger, the majority of councillors on September 14 tabled a letter from the Office of Local Government which again stated that the cost of any demerger of Marrickville, Leichhardt and Ashfield […]

Inner West councillors, candidates and residents argue the case for de-amalgamation

By EVA BAXTER A remote grassroots residents forum was held on Wednesday night to argue the case for de-amalgamating Inner West Council. A question will be put to residents to answer voluntarily on December 4, ‘do you support the inner west LGA being de-amalgamated so as to restore the former local government areas of Ashfield, […]

De-amalgamation. Why the scare tactics?

Opinion By PIP HINMAN The political forces that were against even asking the Inner West Council to request the NSW Electoral Commission for a poll on de-amalgamation – giving residents their first democratic say on the matter – were defeated by a majority of councillors agreeing. Their efforts are now going into furious postings on […]

Australia First Party contests Marrickville seat

By Chris Sutton Australia First Party chairman Dr James Saleam has announced he is running in the Marrickville West Ward by election on November 15th. Dr Saleam has been a prominent figure in the Sydney far right since the 1970s, but believes that this election could be a turning point for his party and movement. […]

Socialist Alliance targets public ownership

While the two major parties are expected to dominate the vote on Saturday, the Socialist Alliance have put forward a candidate likely to stir debate. Peter Boyle, the national co-convenor of the Socialist Alliance, has a strong history of socialist radicalism since the 1970s. He is hoping to raise awareness on the issues of refugees […]

Nine vie for the seat of Sydney

Nine candidates will vie for the seat of Sydney at Saturday’s federal election, with sitting member Tanya Plibersek calling on voters to trust in her ability to deliver. Speaking at REDWatch’s candidates forum in Waterloo on Monday night, Ms Plibersek listed the initiatives and investment made by the Labor Government over the last three years. […]

Minority parties rubbish Rudd’s PNG plan

Kevin Rudd’s Papua New Guinea plan for asylum seekers is receiving vocal opposition from minority parties. The plan stipulates that immigrants arriving by boat without a visa in Australia will be sent to PNG for processing and resettlement in return for aid. On the extreme right of the political spectrum, Chairman of the Australia First […]