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Stepping Out to stability

There could scarcely be a greater breach of faith than the sexual abuse Danielle* suffered as a child at the hands of a state-sanctioned youth worker. It is a memory the 30-year old is understandably not keen to revisit. "It was somebody who was given that authority who actually then completely violated that trust by […]

Single mums support each other

Kristie Rue is going OK, all things considered. She has work that is flexible and nearby, but it is contract-based and not permanent. She lives in community housing in Leichhardt, but it is comfortable and affordable. Her 10-year old son, William, happily attends Leichhardt Public and takes part in the school band. But for a […]

New Developments Over Missing Sydney Activist

NSW Greens MP Sylvia Hale (see this issue’s guest op ed) recently delivered the 10th Annual Juanita Nielsen lecture, posing the question The Greens: mainstream party or minor irritant? Nielsen was an activist, campaigning against high-rise development in Kings Cross. She disappeared in 1975 at the height of a campaign which, “brought scrutiny unwanted by […]