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It’s about this time of year that the big supermarkets like Coles and Woolies start stocking their shelves with mince pies and puddings. It may still be a couple of months to Christmas but it’s their almost subliminal way of gearing you up for the big Yuletide spend. How Christmas will pan out during the […]


A few weeks ago media were aghast at a queue of some 250 outside the Golden Sheaf Hotel in Double Bay on what was the pub’s traditional Wednesday student night. Punters were jammed up like sardines on the pavement outside in a scene that sent health officials into fits of apoplexy. The irony of punters […]

ANZAC Balcony Watch

'We’re All In This Together’  is the catch cry now on social media and it was the catch cry also for two world wars when families, friends and lovers stood on their front porches or in their front yards to farewell young soldiers in their smart uniforms marching off to war. It was the same […]

Concerts In The Cloud

Artists are some of the most innovative minds in our community, so when faced with challenges they are typically the first to find solutions. The current COVID-19 situation and social distancing measures mean many artists are no longer able to showcase their works in a traditional way. However, the Sydney arts and creative communities have […]

Sam Wade – Living Through A Shutdown, A Comedian’s Perspective

I’m pretty sure 2020 did some shady shit back in the 80s because I have never seen something get so thoroughly and completely cancelled. We live in a time where most everything is shutdown, every job is essential and also completely expendable, where catching up with your mates is now a health hazard (unless you […]

Surviving In Surry Hills

Surry Hills is a thriving district characterised by cafes, restaurants and small business. As such the suburb was hit incredibly hard by the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent social distancing measures. In spite of these measures though many business have already rapidly shifted their business models to survive. For local community members these business evolutions mean […]

The Lockdown Survival Kit: Gaming To Escape Social Isolation

Now that entertainment venues have been closed for an unspecified time period Sydneysiders are desperate for entertainment options at home. Perhaps they should consider gaming, which is often overlooked despite rivalling Hollywood as a revenue generator. As we all head into this new 'social distancing' world there were luckily two very different games released last […]