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Cops strip kid, festivals fiasco, horses knackered, tiger time: News Bites – 23 Oct 2019

Bite-sized bulletins by ALEC SMART Scents and sensibilities On 21 Oct 2019 the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) opened an investigation into whether NSW Police engaged in "serious misconduct" during the allegedly unlawful strip-search of a 16-year-old girl at a music festival. The public inquiry heard that the girl was stopped after a drug-sniffing dog […]

Sniffer dog days

BY MICHAEL HITCH It’s not just you; it seems that everyone’s got a bone to pick with sniffer dogs. New research has proven that deploying drug detection dogs at festivals and public places encourages dangerous drug consumption. The study, conducted by RMIT University, not only found that sniffer dog presence increases unsafe drug practices, but […]

Exemption to party party party

BY MICHAEL HITCH The Mardi Gras parade represents diversity, equality, love… and being permitted to enter a licensed premise after 1:30am. Yes, you did read that right! Sydney-siders, tourists and gays everywhere can rejoice as the NSW Government will once again lift its controversial lockout laws for the Mardi Gras parade following the success of […]

Sniffer dogs have had their day: experts, Greens

BY ANDREW BARCLAY The NSW government continues to push ahead with a drug policing strategy that has been an “abject failure” in the face of mounting evidence and criticism, according to experts and opponents. Member for Newtown Jenny Leong last week brought to the NSW lower house a bill aimed at ending the use of […]

Redfern station unfairly targeted according to residents

Police are using sniffer dogs to search Redfern commuters at a rate 6.5 times higher than other similar stations, but these searches are less likely to find drugs, according to figures recently obtained by the Greens. In a community historically marred by tensions between the residents and police, this statistics are being seen by many […]

‘I need to fix some things’: police chief

Last year’s Mardi Gras was marred by accusations of police brutality toward Jamie Jackson Reed and Bryn Hutchinson, along with complaints about sniffer dogs at the after party. Surry Hills LAC Police Superintendent Tony Crandell was the Forward Commander of the 2013 parade route and was also in charge of the sniffer dog operation. “[My […]

Armed gangs intimidate Newtown residents

Newtown is a great place to meet for coffee or a drink until gangs of young men (and some women) turn up and spoil things. You know who they are. Dressed in blue clothes and special insignia, and look menacing. They carry weapons and have a serious attitude problem. They have dogs, which salivate on […]

Lawyer may take action over arrest

A lawyer is considering legal action after suffering broken ribs when he was pushed to the ground by police conducting a sniffer dog search in a pub. As reported in the City News last week, the courts have thrown out the police case against Newtown solicitor Kristian Bolwell, 37, who was arrested when he offered […]