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Vapes of wrath

by JOHN MOYLE In the wake of recent reports in the US of a number of vaping-related deaths, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer weighed into the controversy with a statement condemning the practice. “There is growing evidence implicating e-cigarettes in a range of harms to individual and population health,” Professor Brendan Murphy, Chief Medical Officer, Australia […]

Homeless population could be victimised in Waverley smoking ban

BY ZAC CRELLIN There are fears that the homeless community will be the unintended victim of Waverley Council’s proposed ban on smoking. The proposed smoke-free zone, which would include Oxford Street Mall and Westfield Bondi Junction, would see offenders fined. Waverley Greens Councillor Dominic Wy Kanak voted against the ban, claiming it would further exacerbate […]

Food News – Smoked

Obsessed with smoke, I picked up a copy of Smoked [RRP $35] by Jeremy Schmid. Being an urban dweller without the backyard space for a proper smoker, I was reassured to find out I could get started with as little as some wood chips (the variety matters), a tray, a baking rack, some tin foil and a heat source.

Smoking Banned at Sporting Venues

Smokers caught lighting up at all outdoor organised sports events in New South Wales may incur a $300 on-the-spot fine, but the law does not require signs warning of the penalty. NSW Sport and Recreation Minister Stuart Ayres said the smoking bans protect everyone from harmful second-hand smoke. “Families and children make up a large […]