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Bar Fly – Della Hyde

This opulent underground drinking den will shield you from the heat while also tricking you into thinking you're in a Wes Anderson film. Inspired by the 1920s actress, Della Pringle, Della Hyde pays homage to luxe lobby bars from around the world.

Basement 33

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Goulburn Street’s Haymarket end, is nestled a brand new hidden bar gem, worthy of any nightlife veteran’s attention.

Bar Fly: The Smoking Panda

I was eyeing up the maple and bacon-infused bourbon when a suit-clad silver fox sidled up to me and said: "If you drink that, every man in this bar will fall madly in love with you."

Bar Fly: Mr Tipply’s

There are several large African and Oriental portrait-murals in the downstairs of Mr Tippy’s. Moroccan tiles encase the bar and medina blue is the feature wall colour.

Bar Fly: The Botanist

Quite frankly, I'd rather eat a bag of wet hair than potter around a garden any day of the week. Hence I was quite sceptical about how much I was going to enjoy a night out at a botany-themed bar.


If you loved this spot as Foley Lane, you should breathe easier knowing that Nathan Moses and Julian Marchetto are still very much behind this new incarnation.

Food News – Late Nights

With the Baird Government being granted another term in NSW, you might have given up all hope of the lockout laws ever being rescinded; especially as you watch Kings Cross rapidly morphed from being our entertainment district into a ‘sought after’ residential address using high-rise developments.

Bar Fly: Gasoline Pony

FACT: Gin tastes even better when you find out it's been made by a guy who started distilling spirits in his cubby house when he was only 11 years old, so that he could pick up chicks.

Bar Fly: Peekaboo Bar

If Alice and the Mad Hatter went for a drink, this would be where they'd go. Hidden away on Bourke Street, a few minutes walk from the heart of The Cross is Peekaboo Bar, an eclectic new small bar that makes a mean cocktail.

Deli Wine Bar

With a rear New York-style laneway entrance and the ceiling covered with cyclone fencing, Darrell Felstead’s re-imagined small bar is stripped back and raw.