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Sketch The Rhyme

On weekend nights out you can find superb rappers doing their thing at any given number of inner city venues, but have you ever experienced a hip-hop game show at a comedy room? This is the case with the highly entertaining Sketch The Rhyme enactment at the Giant Dwarf in Surry Hills; it combines freestyle […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney Live Music Guide February 27th

  Sketch The Rhyme: The visual meets the lyrical in this live game show with an intriguing hip hop twist. Said to be inspired by children’s TV deity Mr Squiggle, STR is a competition where two teams of artists and rappers compete in a series of playoffs involving speed sketching and freestyle rapping. Created in […]


You’d be lucky to catch Kanye or his mate Jay-Z laughing at themselves as they rap their way through a game of celebrity heads, but that’s exactly the unserious attitude to hip-hop that Sketch The Rhyme adopts in their enthralling live shows. Sydney-based MC Joel Rapaport has been developing the show for the last five […]