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Hear the colours of jazz

Get out from under those duvets and head along to the Big White House to hear two jazz world premiers from Paul Cutlan and Novak Manojlovic as SIMA presents The Colours of Jazz: Now. Trichromy’s “Colour Therapy”, a work commissioned by SIMA, traverses a rich soundscape that guides the listener through a musical meditation. Paul […]

SIMA Summer Music Festival

Musicians, music venues and he music loving public all around Sydney are rejoicing this month thanks to SIMA's determination to forge ahead with their Summer Music Festival this year. After two years without live music owing to COVID-19 restrictions, postponements and cancellations the appetitive for live music on all fronts is palpable. Thankfully for everybody […]

SIMA Turns To Streaming

Social distancing might mean we can't physically attend concerts but it doesn't mean we have to forgo the experience entirely. The Sydney Improvised Music Association (SIMA) is using the COVID-19 situation as a welcome push to finally experiment with streaming technology for concerts. When speaking with SIMA General Manager Amy Curl she revealed that this […]


During the 1970s in Sydney, the live music scene gathered momentum in numerous pubs and large licensed clubs. There were some smaller independent venues around but they often found it difficult to compete with the financial clout of the larger operators. For the pubs and clubs, promoting live music was a lucrative means of attracting […]

Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival 2017

Jazz can be a rather niche genre of music in and of itself but when it comes to female artists within the genre that niche becomes even smaller. Thankfully though the Sydney International Jazz Festival and the Sydney Improvised Music Association (SIMA) have once again combined their forces to curate a lineup of phenomenal female […]


If you were one of the thousands who attended last weekend’s Parramasala, you could not fail to be impressed by the impact and vibrancy of Indian culture, whether it be film, dance, craft, food or music. When it comes to the latter there is no one defining sound, given the cultural diversity of India itself. […]


Raymond Scott is definitely not a household name when it comes to the pantheon of modern American music, but many would argue that he deserves to be up there with some of the most influential composers and innovators of the Twentieth Century. Who the hell then, was Raymond Scott? Born in Brooklyn in New York […]

Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival

BY GREG WEBSTER Let’s face it, jazz music has long been a bit of a ‘boys club’. Sure, there have been some brilliantly talented female jazz vocalists over the years, but when it comes to jazz musicians, it’s been pretty much skewed towards the lads. Segue to the upcoming Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival. Now […]

Fourth Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival

When people think of jazz music, it is predominantly artists such as Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane and Dizzy Gillespie that pop into their minds eye––and they all have one glaring thing in common… they are all male. It’s this predisposed idea that jazz is a male centric genre that the Sydney Women’s Jazz Festival […]