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Envoy: Shark Cull

Society is taught to be terrified of sharks, but the more we learn of these ‘mankillers’ the more the fear subsides. There is a misconception – are sharks actually the victims? Marine biologists agree that sharks are not out hunting for humans and on the rare occasion when there is an attack it’s owing to […]

Ferocious roosters, flying shark, bun boycott, ship ahoy: News Bites – 11 Sept 2019

Bite-sized bulletins by ALEC SMART Deadly pecker On 3 Sept, news sources around the world reported a bizarre Australian tragedy about a woman in Adelaide who was pecked to death by her pet rooster. The 76-year-old was collecting eggs on her farm when she was fatally pecked by the rooster, which targeted her varicose veins […]

Air patrol keeps beaches safe

When Sydneysiders and the thousands who flock to this city in summer head for the beach, the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter service takes to the air to make sure they can play safely in the surf. This year patrolling started early and so far there have been 49 missions: from November to January 1 […]