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REVIEW: The Twins

Directed by Terry Serio and Sarah Butler, this droll two-hander sees two real-life friends, Ian Darling and Greg Fleet, musing over the “twins” roles they played 40 years earlier and the different paths their lives have taken since then. At the private school Geelong Grammar, the boys played Antipholus of Ephesus and Antipholus of Syracuse in Shakespeare’s Comedy […]

REVIEW: William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play

The Reduced Shakespeare Company has previously produced works such as The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), and the experience can be outright hilarious. The combination of irreverent slapstick and adherence to the original language is a wonderful way to make the Bard more accessible. The Genesian Theatre Company’s William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (Abridged), also from The […]

REVIEW: Twelfth Night (Heads Or Tails)

If music be the food of love, you know this is heralding Shakespeare’s great comedy of cross dressing, cross purposes and slapstick comedy. At the beginning of this production, the first for Newtown’s New Theatre in 2021, the 12 actors toss a coin to see which of the two roles they have learned they will […]

Richard III

Of all Shakespeare’s villains, Richard III would have to be the most calculating, the most villainous, and yet the most beguiling, beating the infamous Iago hands down. This is why Jamie Collette, director/actor for the online theatre company Streamed Shakespeare, chose to present him to online viewers. Jamie said, “Richard of Gloucester is a nasty, […]

Bell Shakespeare Debates

What a fantastic opportunity is being offered to listen to interesting Australian figures such as Jane Caro and Peter FitzSimons discuss the relevance of Shakespeare’s plays to the contemporary world. John Bell founded Bell Shakespeare 30 years ago, and must be thrilled he has introduced “The Bard” to so many who must have thought that […]

Streamed Shakespeare – Two Noble Kinsmen

Aussie theatre initiative Streamed Shakespeare presents a creative way of uniting people in isolation through creating streaming adaptations of The Bard’s most loved plays. Inspired by the COVID-19 crisis, cast and crews have expanded to an international scale as it was initially drawing on only Sydney based talent. The upcoming play Two Noble Kinsmen directed by […]


Presented as Bell Shakespeare’s first work of 2020, Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy Hamlet is now showing at the Sydney Opera House. Directed by Artistic Director Peter Evans and featuring a cast of acclaimed Australian actors, Hamlet will be set in 1960s Denmark spotlighting a family torn apart by murder, betrayal and revenge. Multi-award winning Australian actor […]

REVIEW: Bard On The Beach’s Julius Caesar & All’s Well That Ends Well

Bard On The Beach presents two Shakespearean classics for the 2020 summer season of tales of love, betrayal, power and intrigue in All’s Well That Ends Well and Julius Caesar. The two plays, which are presented by the cast on different nights, can be experienced in multiple locations. Set underneath the stars in the Rotunda […]

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

The Los Angeles Herald described this show as “Shakespeare written by Reader's Digest, acted by Monty Python and performed at the speed of the minute waltz.” Will you have time to recognise all 37 of the Bard’s plays, as well as his sonnets, in the 97-minute performance. Director Jess Davis was thrilled to work with […]

Much Ado About Nothing

Like all of Shakespeare’s comedies, Much Ado About Nothing has its dark moments.  The play is about two pairs of lovers. One pair is of noble birth; their names are Claudio and Hero. The other pair is, let’s say, middle-class, and they are called Beatrice and Benedick.  The first pair have a somewhat formal relationship […]