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Hundreds of sex workers ineligible for COVID19 government payments rely on donations

By EVA BAXTER Sex worker rights organisation Scarlet Alliance and their community of state and territory member organisations have been supporting hundreds of sex workers ineligible for government support payments. “What is unique for sex workers is that many of us are self-employed or sole traders and don’t have access to any kind of employee […]

Sex workers rally for equal rights on International Whores Day

BY ALEX EUGENE Sex workers and supporter rallied for equal rights outside the World Bar, Kings Cross in early June for International Whores Day. People lit up the street with a suite of red parasols, the globally recognised symbol of sex worker rights. Jules Kim, the CEO of Scarlet Alliance, the Australian Sex Workers Association said […]

Damned whores tell their side of the story.

OPINION | BY BARBARELLA KARPINSKI Damned Whores and God’s Police was written by Anne Summers in 1975. This week, the eponymous conference at UTS looks at what that means today. So who are the “damned whores” forty years on? Originally the term referred to the convict women, many of whom became domestic servants and sex workers, […]

Brothels Brace for Shake Up

BY RYAN QUINN The Scarlet Alliance, an association for Australian sex workers, fear that small brothels could by forced out of the market by NSW Parliament. The alliance said the current NSW parliamentary inquiry into the licensing of the state's brothel industry could create expensive licenses. Scarlet Alliance President Elena Jeffreys said a licensing model […]

Debby Doesn’t Do It For Free

June sees the arrival of a bold new exhibition at Darlinghurst’s TAP Gallery, revealing a rarely seen side of sex work. Debby Doesn’t Do It For Free comprises eye-opening works from an intergenerational collective of 26 sex worker artists, male and female, all telling their stories with art. Participating artist Deep-Dish Debby* says: “Between us, […]

Sydney reclaims the night

Thousands of men, women and families are set to take the streets of Sydney next Friday on October 31 to rally against all forms of violence against women. The three main issues targeted in this year’s Reclaim the Night include gendered violence, the ramifications of rising Islamophobia against women and the closure of women’s refuges […]