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Aptly described as an art-house film, Ammonite may shock discerning audiences owing to the extremely graphic sexual content which literally borders on soft porn. The story centers on Mary (Kate Winslet), a reputable paleontologist who sells sea creature relics to tourists in a seaside town. She takes Charlotte (Saoirse Ronan) under her wings, a sickly […]

British Film Festival

While many film festivals continue to be presented virally owing to the ongoing pandemic, the British Film Festival returns to the big screen with extensive COVID-safe procedures in place, screening a program of 20 new releases and three restored classics. Festival Curator Kim Petalas explained there were a couple of films he was hoping to […]

Little Women

It’s one of the most ubiquitous 19th-century novels and has been adapted for the screen dozens of times, so any attempt to say something new with the story will naturally attract close scrutiny - especially if that attempt is being made by someone as respected as Greta Gerwig. It’s definitely a lush film. There’s a lot […]

On Chesil Beach

More than just a tediously drawn out melodrama, this is also unforgivably misogynous in its depiction of female sexuality. Ian McEwan wrote both the original short novel and screenplay and did a poor job both times in achieving - if he even tried - any understanding of the internal workings of a woman. In this […]