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Stop the Omnibus!

By MICHAEL HITCH “Hostile” demands from the 2017 same-sex marriage debate may be re-ignited as another religious freedom bill, heading for parliament in the coming months could aim to put the traditional "man/woman" definition of marriage back into federal legislation. LGBTIQ+ leaders fear that “hostile amendments” recommended from Philip Ruddock’s 2018 religious freedom review will […]

Liberal with her mouth

BY ALEC SMART Inner West Council Deputy Mayor Julie Passas is in hot water over an allegation that she abused and intimidated a gay neighbour after she saw a rainbow flag hanging on his balcony. Ashfield resident Daniel Comensoli posted an accusation on Facebook on November 25 that Ashfield Councillor and Deputy Mayor Julie Passas […]

Marriage Equality post-mortem

BY JOHN MOYLE Last Wednesday Sydney’s Prince Alfred Park made a spectacular backdrop as the focal point for the announcement of the Same-Sex Marriage plebiscite. Stars Magda Szubanski, John Paul Young, Rickee-Lee, Alfie Arcuri, Peking Duk and thousands of marriage equality supporters were gathered on the bright morning not knowing what to expect. Across the […]

Hateful sprays against gays

BY ALEC SMART In the wake of the national Same-Sex Marriage plebiscite results, which on 15 November revealed 61.6 per cent of Australians had voted ‘Yes’ to allow same-sex couples to marry, two ‘gay-friendly’ wall murals in Sydney’s inner-west were vandalised. A mural on a pub’s exterior wall celebrating the same-sex marriage ‘Yes’ vote, and […]

Anglicans spend big on gay bashing

BY ALEC SMART The Anglican Church donated $1million to the Vote No campaign, to lobby against the legalisation of homosexual relationships in the national plebiscite on same-sex marriage. The decision provoked controversy and stirred dissent among its congregation and several Anglican ministers. The donation was given to the Coalition for Marriage in September, but announced […]


“I Was A Teenage Atheist” - it sounds like the title of some obscure and totally weird 60s teen flick or even a warped Christian propaganda movie. In reality it was the dilemma I faced when I was a school boy back in the 1960s. With all the baloney pitched about religious freedom during the […]

Skywriter stunt shows sky’s the limit

BY ALEC SMART A skywriter message bearing the words Vote No appeared in the sky in several locations above Sydney on Sunday 17 September. Photos of the skywriting letters, declaring opposition to the national plebiscite on same-sex marriage reform, were immediately shared via social media before prevailing winds blew them away. While Vote No campaigners […]

Young voters must enrol for same-sex marriage postal poll

BY ALEX EUGENE Young and first-time voters must urgently enrol to vote if they want to have their say on same-sex marriage. All Australians need to have their postal vote in the mail by August 24. The fight for equality is on again, this time in the form of a survey which will cost taxpayers […]

News in brief

A victory in the battle for same sex marriage in New South Wales Under new State legislation, NSW will now recognise the legitimacy of homosexual marriages that take place overseas. The change to the Relationships Register Amendment (Recognition of Same-sex and Gender-diverse Relationships) Bill 2014 was put forward by the Independent Member for Sydney, Alex […]

Same-sex marriage on Sydney soil

This week, Peter Fraser and his partner Gordon Stevenson will become the first same-sex couple to get married here in Sydney. As of Friday, June 27, same-sex couples living in Australia will be able to marry in British consulates in Sydney and Canberra as long as one partner holds British citizenship. Following the British High […]