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Charities Caught in Crossfire

BY STATON WHALEY A Turnbull government bill banning foreign political donations in an attempt to keep politics less influenced from out of country interests has caught smaller political parties as well as not-for-profit charities in its crosshairs. The Foreign Influence Transparency Bill is the most notable of three bills which have caused recent controversy. The […]

Homelessness on the rise in the east

BY JADE MORELLINI Homelessness in NSW has spiked, with new studies indicating that there are not enough services available to support the number of people sleeping rough. In the Eastern Suburbs, the number of homeless fluctuates, yet evidence has proven homelessness increases particularly during the summer months. A Waverly Council spokesperson said, “The Waverley Homeless […]

Another round for city Safe Space

By James Elton-Pym A new late-night program aimed at curbing alcohol-fuelled violence in downtown Sydney has been extended for a further three months following a successful pilot. The Safe Space program lets revellers take a break from the bars and clubs at a special marquee next to Town Hall, while teams of Salvation Army volunteers […]

Healthcare cuts cause budget backlash

Cuts to healthcare announced in the federal budget have sparked widespread concern for the future of affordable and accessible healthcare. The proposed cuts to public hospital funding and imposed surcharges on GP consultations and prescription medications have triggered protest around the country. While all Medicare recipients will be affected by the rising costs, low-income earners […]

A time to celebrate and be celebrated

Do they know it’s Christmas? It was a question Bob Geldof asked of starving children in Africa, but it might also be pertinent for the thousands of Sydneysiders who don’t have a loving family to be with on December 25. Christmas is a time when the city’s charities lift their already laudable network of outreach […]

Unhappy ending for tired tomes

Library books, as it turns out, live on borrowed time. But what happens to the books that a librarian decides are no longer worth stocking? When a concerned resident "rescued" ten boxes of disposed books from garbage bins behind Leichhardt Library, he contacted the Inner West Independent. Jefferson Lee said he was told by a […]