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Town Hall hosts Ukraine Crisis Appeal Benefit

By SEJA AL ZAIDI Over 700 people gathered this week at Sydney Town Hall to support Ukraine at the Ukraine Crisis Appeal Benefit. The event was held to raise funds for the ongoing humanitarian and refugee crisis taking place in Ukraine, where the civilian death toll is climbing by the day since the Russian invasion […]


Australia’s range of sanctions against Russia over their invasion of Ukraine is unlikely to cause the aggressor any great pain, but they are an important show of solidarity with other worldwide democracies. Since the post-war period our relationship with Russia has always been a curious one, especially when they expanded into the behemoth that was […]

Climactic clash, riled Royals, traumatic trawler, gay apple: News Bites – 9 Oct 2019

Bite-sized bulletins by ALEC SMART Climate Chained Radical environmentalists Extinction Rebellion (XR) have chosen this week and next for rallies and civil disturbance to draw attention to the climate crisis threatening the planet. Protests, many involving activists chaining themselves to immovable objects (or each other), have taken place in the USA, Europe, India, and Australasia. […]


It helped bring down a Prime Minister and remains a quagmire of ideological bickering and governmental indecision. The ongoing power debate, coal versus renewables, has yet to be resolved but help could be on the way – or to put it more correctly, ‘on the waves’. Russia has recently launched a floating power station equipped […]


With escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula, the tabloids and internet news feeds have had a field day with their predictions of nuclear mayhem. Only last week we were told North Korea might soon have the capability to launch a missile strike on the Australian mainland. Whether it’s Yorkeys Knob in far north Queensland or […]

If you see something, say something

You've gotta feel a bit sorry for Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad. If you're an Arab ruler it's hard to ever do the right thing by the Yanks, unless, like the Saudi monarchs, you still have significant reserves of oil. The story goes that the secular authoritarian ruler ran an awful regime. His terrible security […]

My enemy’s enemy is my enemy

The gang sat around the Brushtail Cafe contemplating Tony Abbott's increasingly bellicose pronouncements. “I don't get it”, Joadja said, polishing glasses. “Tony Abbott is going back into Iraq in order to help the government fight against the Islamic State terrorists, right?” “Right”, said Old Possum, draining the last swig of cider from his bottle. “But […]

Review – El’ Circo Blanc

El’ Circo Blanc is back for another season at Slide and both the show and menu have been revamped this winter to be better than ever. The one-of-a-kind production is set to a Russian theme, as ‘Anastasia’ reminisces on her days as a young woman in the circus. Her tale comes alive above and around […]

Last thoughts before the world ends (or maybe not)

I was down at Possum Point, which is not far from Batemans Bay, taking a few days off with Joadja and Jesse Dingo when the news filtered through that the Russians had invaded Ukraine. Or The Ukraine, as the world used to say until a few short years ago. Maybe “invade” isn’t quite the right […]