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It’s official – Pauline Hanson will not be getting vaccinated if a COVID shot becomes available some time next year. She made this emphatically clear when asked for her views on such a vaccine being made mandatory by the Federal Government. Adding that she was not an anti-vaxxer, she expressed a sentiment that has attracted […]

TB link to cursed Ruby Princess cruise ship

By ALEC SMART In a startling new revelation, passengers on the infamous death ship Ruby Princess, the luxury cruise liner responsible for over 850 - more than 10 per cent - of Australia’s total Covid-19 cases, were warned that they might also have been exposed to tuberculosis (TB) while on board. In a letter dated […]


Every major event in the world spawns a sudden burst of new words, catchcries and the bastardisation of existing words and phrases. The current pandemic is no exception and in recent weeks we have been bombarded with slogans like ‘social distancing’ and ‘self isolation’ – both hot contenders for words of the year in 2020. […]

Yarra Bay cruise ship terminal postponed

By ALEC SMART The NSW Government has postponed their plan for a third cruise ship terminal in Botany Bay. The $550 million construction project, as yet awaiting a decision on the two proposed sites of Yarra Bay cove or Molineaux Point alongside, is now suspended for 18 months. The government’s marina plan envisions cruise ships […]

Coronavirus cruise ship facing criminal investigation

by ALEC SMART Over the weekend of 4-5 April, in ‘Operation Nemesis’, which NSW Police described as “the largest peacetime maritime operation in Sydney's history,” five cruise ships loitering in Sydney Harbour were restocked with fresh food and supplies and, after some crew members transferred vessels, escorted out into the Pacific Ocean. At the same […]

Hillsong link to Ruby Princess claimed

By ALEC SMART Explosive accusations shared across social media have linked the controversial Hillsong Church with the infamous death ship Ruby Princess. On March 19, the cruise ship Ruby Princess hurriedly disembarked 2647 passengers into the heart of Sydney at Circular Quay’s Overseas Passengers Terminal - all but 12 of whom were allowed to disperse […]

Four coronavirus cruise ships docked in Sydney

by ALEC SMART On 19 March the Bangkok Post reported that Sydney Harbour resembled a parking lot for cruise ships as large vessels queued for docking space, like taxis at a cab rank. Anyone crossing Anzac Bridge and looking down to White Bay would have seen two enormous white liners anchored below. Simultaneously, another three […]