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It’s been widely reported that the current pandemic has seen an increase in the number of people adopting pets, the RSPCA in particular announcing record interest in the rehousing of cats and dogs. With more time spent at home, as well as the need for companionship, many have seized the opportunity to welcome a new pooch […]

Coronavirus: cats during the crisis

By ALEXI DEMETRIADI It is not just humans that have been forced inside with the outbreak of COVID-19, but also ‘man’s best friend’ – the humble cat. As workers across Sydney have had to work from home and limit outdoor activity, so too have animal shelters across the city. The effect of the virus and […]

Dyking around – Mardi Gras moment

BY RHIANNON SOLIMAN For the past 27 years, Sydney’s Mardi Gras parade has begun with the roar of hundreds of motorcycles. The women riding at the forefront of the 12,000-strong parade are part of Dykes on Bikes, a motorcycle club for queer women. One of Australia’s oldest LGBTQI community groups, the club originated in the […]

Catastrophic backyard cat breeders

By John Moyle A new kitten is just a click away as vendor sites such a Gumtree and Trading Post are now commonly used to advertise animals for sale. Buying online is often ruled by impulse rather than reason, and by the time a prospective buyer has transferred the funds they have unwittingly bought into […]

Peter Alexander x Moccona

What could possibly be better than waking up in the morning with Peter Alexander pyjamas and a nice hot mug of classic Moccona coffee? Waking up to the new limited-edition Peter Alexander x Moccona coffee jars, of course! The King of Pyjamas has united with Moccona coffee to design four personalised coffee jars which will […]

Tis the season to rescue stray animals

BY LEXY AKILLAS The number of cats being adopted and re-homed has reached an all-time high, according to figures from the RSPCA’s 2013-2014 ‘Report on animal outcomes from our shelters, care and adoption centres.’ Over 25,000 cats were adopted after being received by the RSPCA, which is a 27 per cent increase since 1998-1999. CEO […]

“Disguised ag gag bill” passes in NSW parliament

BY KENJI SATO Legislation cracking down on animal rights activists who trespass onto farms passed through the NSW Upper House last week. The 2015 Biosecurity Bill passed in its entirety, after amendments put forward by the ALP, the Greens, and the Animal Justice Party were rejected. Under the new laws, animal activists who trespass onto […]

Injured pup sparks pet shop debate

By Angelo Risso It’s the photo that galvanised more than 70,000 signatures, but it may not be exactly as it seems. The image of the injured beagle puppy, which has a bandaged leg and a cone around its neck, went viral on social media two weeks ago after being published on the Facebook page of […]

Must love dogs – or don’t buy one

It’s that time of year again where we frantically try to outdo ourselves and find better presents than last year. And what better gift is there than the gift of friendship? Man’s best friend, right? Not necessarily. While the thought of a cute little puppy running around the tree on Christmas morning sounds like a […]