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Winston Churchill is credited with the saying “If you are going through hell - keep going” and the quote might well apply to Australian Rugby’s Israel Folau. After his post on Instagram saying that homosexuals need to repent or they will go to hell, he is going through a hell of his own with community […]

Silent march for Aboriginal deaths in custody

BY ALEC SMART This Friday, September 15, a silent march is planned in Sydney to protest against Aboriginal deaths in custody. Organised by Indigenous Social Justice Association (ISJA), the march is intended to publicise the disturbingly high number of Aborigines dying in police custody or prisons. According to the 2016 Australian Census, only 2.8% of […]

Abused and abandoned: how Australia takes care of child refugees?

BY GEORGIA CLARK The father of two young boys allegedly sexually abused in an Australian onshore detention centre is still languishing behind bars almost two years after he was first separated from his children. The family, who fled persecution in the Middle East, are waiting for the outcome of an application to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection […]

Tony Abbott: the morning after the night before

Around about election day I must have caught a possum fever that was going around. Listlessness, a sore throat and aching joints overcame me. It was difficult to concentrate. The simplest of tasks seemed too hard to start. I put a message on the phones, retired to bed and dozed off into a shallow, fitful, […]