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West Side Story

When West Side Story debuted on Broadway in 1957 it was met with gape-mouthed awe by audiences and critics alike. The modern, gritty, version of Romeo And Juliet, set in an urban immigrant ghetto in New York it was a dramatic departure from conventional musicals of the time.  According to Todd Jacobsson, who has been […]


From the field to the theatre, Red Line Productions’ Fierce brings the world of AFL to the stage at the Old Fitz Theatre. Written by Jane E. Thompson the play tells the story of Suzie Flack, a female Aussie Rules Football player who enters the men’s league. But it’s about more than just “an ode to” […]

The Tragedy Of Romeo and Juliet

Bard On The Beach are set to present their interpretation of the classic Shakespeare masterpiece The Tragedy Of Romeo and Juliet. Whilst everybody knows the timeless tale of Romeo and Juliet, Bard On The Beach bring something new to the play because they have always been focused on presenting classical theatre the way they feel […]

Romeo & Juliet

Playing one of the most famous roles in one of the most famous plays of all time is a unique challenge for any actor, and one that Benjamin Winckle is facing in the Sydney Shakespeare Company’s forthcoming production. “There is a weight to playing Romeo that I feel. Many people – if they only know […]


Shakespeare’s timeless tale of star-crossed lovers will be given a fresh treatment as part of Sydney Theatre Company’s newest rendition of Romeo and Juliet this September. Following his STC debut with last year’s Under Milk Wood, 27-year-old co-resident director Kip Williams leads a talented young cast and crew in the production, with Eryn Jean Norvill […]


Shortly after Romeo slays Tybalt, Friar Laurence asks of Romeo, “Art thou a man? Thy wild acts denote the unreasonable fury of a beast.” For a play whose themes resonate widely across cultures and generations, such questioning of masculinity is often sidelined in modern productions of Romeo and Juliet. Not so for director Stephen Wallace, […]