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Trophy Eyes – The American Dream

The third record from Trophy Eyes has them continuing to blur the boarders between punk/hardcore and pop-rock. This time around with The American Dream the band are taking an introspective look at life as they search for a utopian dreamland free from the vile toxicity spewed across social media today. With this record the group […]

Bare Bones – Bad Habits

Sydney’s own Bare Bones have come out of the gate with the accelerator already flat to the floor despite Bad Habits being their debut full length record. Opening track Thick As Thieves kicks the maelstrom of off-kilter guitar riffs and southern punk inspired record instantly into gear, so if you’re immediately hooked then this record […]


“I once heard a band say ‘what’s the point of playing but then going out and giving it your all afterwards?’” quotes Melbourne minstrel Cash Savage on the topic of post-show celebrations. “For me, the shows are the most important part of the tour. We want to make sure that we are all capable of […]