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Robert Pattinson Establishes A Great Legacy As The Batman

The Caped Crusader returns to rid the streets of Gotham City once again in Matt Reeves' dark, grimy, noir detective story of The Batman. This time around Robert Pattinson dons the iconic cowl as a younger version of Bruce Wayne who is only two years into his double life as Batman. The version of Batman […]

The King

Shakespeare is pushed to the side in this remarkable contemporary adaptation of the iconic historical story of King Henry V of England. The King is quintessentially a film which surfaces occasionally and must be watched by all audiences regardless of taste owing to the incredible performances and high production values. The musical score and cinematography […]

Good Time

Good Time is a dark and thrilling crime drama directed by the Safdie Brothers. The film left audiences raving after it featured this year at Cannes, Melbourne and Sydney Film Festivals. Set in the shadows of New York City, the film follows Connie Nikos (Robert Pattinson) after his younger brother Nick (Ben Safdie) lands in […]