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Sydney cyclists driven off the road

BY SARAH MCLENAGHAN     Sydney cyclists are calling for greater protection on NSW roads as motorists continue to drive dangerously around them with no penalty. Reports show a lack of compliance with the Safe Passing Distance Rule by drivers and little to no enforcement of the standard by police. Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club member, […]

No light at the end of the tunnel

BY JOSH KINDL The state government has been unable to find a contractor to construct the Rozelle Interchange as part of WestConnex Stage 3. Gladys Berejiklian’s government rejected the only bid it received to build the proposed interchange, which if completed would help connect the M4 and M5 motorways. Nathan English, co-convenor of Eco Transit, […]

Petersham Park saved from WestConnex

By Lauren O'Connor Roads Minister Duncan Gay has ruled out the possibility of WestConnex encroaching on Petersham Park in stark constrast to plans revealed in November last year. On November 23 the government announced that, as part of the Parramatta Road revitalisation plan, an entrance to an interchange between the new motorway and a tunnel […]

Parramatta Road to house 60,000 new dwellings

The Baird Government has been forced to release the draft plan for the future Parramatta road which reveals 60,000 new dwellings as the target. The development being labelled the ‘new’ Parramatta Road will be the biggest so far in terms of housing that is planned for Sydney. The number of houses along the corridor is […]

WestConnex announcement angers politicians and residents

The Australian and NSW Governments sent a shockwave through parts of Sydney with their announcement that the planning application for the new M5 tunnels as part of the second stage of WestConnex had been lodged. The plans were rejected by both the Greens and Labor at all levels of Government. Residents of the effected areas […]

Leave King St alone

Councillors from Marrickville and the City of Sydney have spoken out against the state government’s Sydney Clearways Strategy, which has listed King Street Newtown among possible future clearway sites. Marrickville Mayor Jo Haylen said it would be at the expense of local businesses, pedestrians and diners. “[King Street] is a thriving local retail and entertainment […]

Minister warns mayors on WestConnex

Roads Minister Duncan Gay has dismissed the threat of a community campaign against the WestConnex motorway and says the project will go ahead regardless. And he warned that mayors who do not cooperate would be locked out of the planning process. Leichhardt Council will spend up to $20,000 providing information and lobbying kits to residents […]

Rate rise to address infrastructure gap

There may be a special rise in Council rates to fund vital infrastructure as a result of State Government cost shifting, Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne has said. A public meeting on October 12 will form part of the community consultation process Council is obliged to undertake before applying to the regulator for a "special rate […]