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Retired Doctor still cares for trans patients

By MICHAEL HITCH and RHIANNON SOLIMAN A leading Sydney endocrinologist has responded to the transgender community following his sudden retirement earlier in June, claiming “unnecessary restrictions” were placed on him by the Medical Council of NSW. Dr Jonathan Hayes, who has provided hormone treatment to trans patients for over thirty years, responded to concerns from […]

Barred out

BY RHIANNON SOLIMAN With the bright lights of Sydney’s once-bustling Oxford St dimming in recent years, one part of the LGBTQ+ community has been hit the hardest. Bars and clubs that cater specifically to lesbian, bisexual and transgender women are far and few, with many iconic lesbian bars across the country having shut their doors […]

Sexuality and Sexual Health

BY RHIANNON SOLIMAN As the glitz and glamour of Sydney’s 41st Mardi Gras wears off, many LGBTQ+ individuals were left with something somewhat less glamorous. Yes, STDs. There are many things that can prevent people from avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, particularly HIV, which disproportionately affects the LGBTQ+ community. Mark Villar, who regularly volunteers with centres […]

Dyking around – Mardi Gras moment

BY RHIANNON SOLIMAN For the past 27 years, Sydney’s Mardi Gras parade has begun with the roar of hundreds of motorcycles. The women riding at the forefront of the 12,000-strong parade are part of Dykes on Bikes, a motorcycle club for queer women. One of Australia’s oldest LGBTQI community groups, the club originated in the […]