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Coyle Girelli – Funland

Coyle Girelli, a Uk born but now New York based troubadour has used the recent pandemic restrictions on movement to focus on his latest album release, Funland. Although he is now based in New York the pandemic led Coyle to explore his desire to exist in mythical place during the creation of this record & […]

REVIEW: 9 To 5 The Musical

After a few postponements owing to COVID-19 lockdowns Dolly Parton’s highly anticipated smash-hit West End production of 9 To 5 The Musical has finally opened in Sydney and what a show it is! Based on the 1980 hit film by the same name the musical surrounds three female protagonists working in an office in the […]

REVIEW: The Great Gatsby Immersive Experience

REVIEWED BY PATRICK MCKENZIE The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel and a cornerstone of modernist literature, is a story that has arguably been told to death. Whether mention of it evokes agonising high school essays riddled with thematic analysis of ‘the American Dream’ or Baz Luhrmann’s gloriously indulgent 2013 film adaptation produced on […]

REVIEW: Otello

History doesn’t repeat, it rhymes. Giuseppe Verdi’s public waited almost 10 years from the time they heard whispers of a new opera being written to the triumphant opening night performance of Otello on February 5, 1887. Sydney audiences didn’t have to wait quite so long, but they were just as appreciative when Opera Australia’s postponed […]

REVIEW: ‘Breaking The Code’ Of Alan Turing

REVIEWED BY IKI MINOGUE Set in World War II, British playwright Hugh Whitemore’s 1986 play, Breaking The Code jumps through the years to show us the different stages of Alan Turing’s life which helped form his character outside the great mathematician he is so well known for today. In recent times Turing has posthumously gained […]

The Last Mountain – a beautifully tragic documentary

Everybody understands that climbing the world's highest mountains is an arduous, gruelling & dangerous task, but for some people the pull of conquering these giants is unshakeable. Tragically this mysterious pull would draw two mountaineers to their untimely deaths – a quarter of a century apart. The Last Mountain is a documentary which explores the […]

REVIEW: Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett

Bernie Dieter’s Club Kabarett has had 5-star reviews worldwide and performed in some states of Australia but has never played in Sydney - until now. Bernie Dieter is a German singer and songwriter, often compared to Marlene Dietrich who is accolated as the ‘punk cabaret queen’. Her Kabarett boasts a 4-piece band and six semi-clad […]

REVIEW: The Umbilical Brothers – The Distraction

REVIEWED BY JANE MAJOR The Umbilical Brothers, a partnership between David Collins and Shane Dundas with collaborator Doug Bayne, are performing their latest work, The Distraction, at the Sydney Opera House Playhouse until Feb 27 2022. The duo have been working together since the late 80s and are widely acknowledged for their performances with shows and awards […]

REVIEW: A Chorus Line – Baring The Soul Of Dance

BY RENEE DALLOW This version of A Chorus Line, brilliantly directed and choreographed by Amy Cambell, has it all. Energy, enthusiasm, dedication, raw emotion. It is full of show stopping, gut wrenching, titillating - yes there’s even a song about tits - numbers. In fact the line-up auditioning for a role in this chorus is […]

Uncharted brings video game romp to big screen

PlayStation gamers will be intimately familiar with Nathan Drake & his Indiana Jones-sequel escapades to recover lost historical treasures. Outside of the gaming world though Nathan Drake & Victor 'Sully' Sullivan are relative unknowns, until now. Tom Holland & Mark Wahlberg step into the iconic roles of these treasure hunters in the first ever PlayStation […]