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REVIEW: The Black Phone

This is without doubt one of the most frightening and unsettling horror/supernatural movies produced in recent years, chiefly owing to the subject matter. The story concerns the disappearance of children in a small quiet American town. A man known as The Grabber is abducting and murdering young children, and law enforcement are no closer to […]

REVIEW: Burn, Witch, Burn

There are two longish monologues in this play: one at the very beginning which acts as an exposition, the other closer to the end, kind of rounding things up. Other than those two moments of lucidity you will be at great pains to work out what exactly is going on. Writer, Tasnim Hossain, director, Claudia […]

REVIEW: The Woodcutter Story – A Bizarre Finnish Film

The Finnish production of The Woodcutter Story is one of the cinematic offerings at this year’s Scandinavian Film Festival. Pepe is a woodcutter living in a small Finnish town. His life is perfectly happy until he becomes unemployed owing to the closure of the lumber mill. Within days his life has changed drastically but he […]

REVIEW: Control at New Theatre in Newtown

Emerging playwright, Keziah Warner, displays an aptitude for dialogue and comedy with some light-handed social proselytising in her new play, Control. Comprised of three one-act stories loosely connected by situations, this play is a cautionary tale about climate, A.I. and celebrity culture. In the opening story, the action takes place on a spaceship headed for […]

REVIEW: La Traviata

Guiseppe Verdi’s beloved opera, La Traviata is a pretty much a permanent fixture in any reputable company’s repertoire. It includes some of the most recognisable melodies in the genre. It was the opera that reduced Julia Roberts’ character to tears in the 1990 film, Pretty Woman, and its signature aria was the soundtrack to Richard […]

REVIEW: The Phantom Of The Open

It wouldn't be a surprise if audiences, while watching the British biographical comedy-drama The Phantom Of The Open, whisper in disbelief to the person sitting next to them in the cinema, ‘this can’t possibly be based on a true story!!’ Maurice Flitcroft (Mark Rylance) was a dreamer and became a legend of the golf world […]

REVIEW: Relativity

Relativity by Joining The Dots Theatre Company, is an intelligent, witty two-hander (sometimes three), in which Albert Einstein is confronted by his past. Set in 1942 an older Einstein, the long grey hair standing on top of his head and the unkempt appearance that we are all familiar with, sits in his study waiting for a […]

REVIEW: Cruel Intentions – The 90s Musical

Cruel Intentions: The 90s Musical is a new show for theatregoers who would like to attend a musical which is completely different from conventional theatre – a musical unlike anything they have ever seen performed in Sydney. This is a jukebox musical based on the 90s hit teen romantic film by the same name. The […]

REVIEW: Murder At Yellowstone City

Westerns have been few and far in between in recent years, so Murder At Yellowstone City is a film that enthusiasts of the genre should not miss. Murder At Yellowstone City is set in 1881, Montana after the civil war. A prospector, who lives in a small town which has been economically crippled by the […]

REVIEW: Opera Australia’s ‘Madama Butterfly’ at Sydney Opera House

When Graeme Murphy first unveiled his new vision of Puccini’s Madama Butterfly in 2019 it left audiences breathless. That may be because it was so radically different to the production that had prevaled for the previous 20 years, or because the smorgasbord of cultural and creative ideas on stage was overwhelming. The critiques ranged from […]