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Brilliant Anime Belle Reimagines Beauty & The Beast

Japanese filmmakers are indisputably world leaders in the production of anime features and Belle sits alongside Spirited Away and Summer Wars as a brilliantly animated and imaginative piece of filmmaking. Produced by Academy Award-nominated Mamoru Hosoda and Studio Chizu, Belle is the remarkable re-imagining of the French tale Beauty And The Beast, interest and originality […]

REVIEW: Casey Donovan’s ‘Irresistible’ Sydney Festival Performance

At 33, Casey Donovan is at the top of her game. Her vocal range is jaw dropping. She sings soulfully to the heavens with the force of an entire gospel choir. She boogies with such delight that the urge to dance is almost irresistible (current NSW restrictions during the peak of a pandemic not withstanding). […]

REVIEW: The James Morrison Quartet with William Barton

If you don’t know who James Morrison is, you don’t know about jazz.  For decades he has been one of Australia’s leading jazz musicians. And he plays a mean trumpet. A childhood prodigy who grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches during the 1970s, Morrison has performed with some of the world’s most famous jazz musicians […]

REVIEW: Turandot

REVIEWED BY JARROD WOLHUTER The magic at the Joan Sutherland Theatre was alive and in abundance at the Sydney Opera House on Wednesday night as masked crowds swelled in anticipation for the opening of Puccini’s unfinished masterpiece, Turandot. This three act, three-hour epic, set in  11th century Jin dynasty China. tells the story of a […]

‘I’m Wanita’ Australian country music documentary

Making it big in the music industry is not quite as easy as it may seem as 47-year-old Aussie Country singer Wanita, also known as Australia’s Queen of Honky Tonk, discovered. This inspiring documentary won the Best Australian Documentary Award at the Sydney Film Festival and will be screening in cinemas. Audiences will be introduced […]

Licorice Pizza

REVIEWED BY PATRICK MCKENZIE In what seems to be an emerging oeuvre of films borne from writer-director nostalgia and set in turn-of-the-Old-Hollywood Los Angeles, Licorice Pizza, Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest feature, sits comfortably alongside the likes of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood in both relaxed ambience and charm. On one level, it tells the […]

Nanoleaf Shapes brighten up a space in dark times

Reviewed By Buddy McClelland During the COVID lockdown, a room that started life as a fun little “gaming cave” in my apartment quickly began to feel more like a solitary confinement cell. The same four, white, sterile and windowless walls and not much sign of escape. As a millennial trapped in a renters market there […]

REVIEW: ‘Wil & Grace’ at FringeHQ Newtown

It was great to see the FringeHQ Newtown open its first show after the lockdown lifted. Directed by Erica Lovell and produced for independent theatre company Rogue Projects by Talia Meyerowitz-Katz, Wil and Grace is a fluffy piece of theatre by Madeleine Withington (who also plays Grace), that will appeal to the youth of this fair […]

REVIEW: Come From Away

With so many wonderful theatrical productions gracing our stages, there’s a standout that's not only phenomenally successful but receives rave reviews and is adored by audiences worldwide. Come From Away is a startling achievement with unfathomable heart and soul. A high energy musical with occasional heightened emotional intensity that should, surprisingly, have audiences laughing joyfully […]

REVIEW: Merrily We Roll Along

Who would have thought that a musical surrounding the inseparable friendship between three young people working in the world of showbiz could be the best night out in theatre, therapeutic even after three gruelling months at home in lockdown? Mary, Charley and Frank meet and quickly become friends. A wannabe novelist, lyricist and composer respectively, […]