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Review: Benediction

By Renee Lou Dallow “God was in his heaven, and there were sausages for breakfast.” Terence Davies's new film, Benediction, is about the life and poetry of Siegfried Sassoon, a World War 1 poet. In the film, he is asked by a military tribunal if he is pro-German, to which Siegfried replies, "I’m pro-human.” Sassoon […]

Petite Maman – A Gentle Exploration Of The Mother-Daughter Bond

REVIEWED BY RENEE LOU DALLOW Petite Maman, directed by Celine Sciamma, is a beautiful, slow moving, film which observes rather than comments on character. The story follows a young girl, Nelly, who, following the death of her grandmother and the temporary loss of her mother, needs to find some answers. Wandering through the woods, Nelly, […]

REVIEW: Wolfgang’s Magical Musical Circus – Madness, Mayhem And Mozart at Theatre Royal

BY RENEE LOU DALLOW The Theatre Royal is a cultural icon and is now the venue for another cultural icon, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Wolfgang’s Magical Musical Circus is culture for kids as well as being energetic, fun and remarkably easy on the eye. They say music soothes the savage beast and so it is with […]

Sydney Elvis Impersonators Heading To Parkes Elvis Festival

By Renee Lou Dallow In 2010 at the ripe old age of 10 Emilio Prince heard his first Elvis song the way it should be heard - on vinyl and on a turnstyle. It was raw, it was real and it was rockin. From that moment on Prince knew that he wanted to be just […]

Kim Carpenter presents Wilde: Life And Fantasy

BY RENEE LOU DALLOW Kim Carpenter is presenting an exhibition of his paintings based on the stories of one of the greatest and most prolific writers of all time, Oscar Wilde. Carpenter’s unique flair for design and storytelling not only reflect the life and times of Oscar Wilde but also Carpenter’s own life and times […]

‘The Sea Of Hands’ By Frances Belle Parker – A Symbol Of Resilience

BY RENEE DALLOW The National Organisation For Aboriganal And Torres Strait Islander Reconciliation And Rights (ANTaR) is all about bringing people together and sharing cultural arts with the community through community involvement. For many years now ANTaR has organised an event called The Sea Of Hands which has previously been presented at Parliament House Canberra and […]

REVIEW: Gabbi Lancaster’s ‘The Art Of Flow’ Online Art Workshops

BY RENEE LOU DALLOW Gabbi Lancaster is a unique artist with a penchant for dreamlike art works based on nature. Her art is an inspiration for those needing a break from the turmoil of the world in which we live. Lancaster’s Art Of Flow course is all about encouraging people, whether they be beginners or professional […]

David Campbell in North By Northwest

BY RENEE DALLOW  Like parachuting down the rapids, North By Northwest, has a storyline that changes at such a fast pace that you feel you’ve got to hang on for dear life. Hang on tight until it reaches its giddy climax or you’ll fall off your perch in the process. In the opening gambit, scenes […]

New Figures Show More Women’s Writers Than Ever Have Had Books Reviewed

BY RENEE LOU DALLOW Each year the Stella Count surveys the extent of gender bias in the field of book reviews in Australia. According to the 2020 Stella Count 55% of the books reviewed in Australian publications were by women. These reviews included newspaper articles, journals and memoirs for papers such as The Sydney Morning […]

Friends And Strangers – A Connoisseur Of Nothingness

BY RENEE LOU DALLOW Friends And Strangers, written and directed by James Vaughan, is, on the surface, a seemingly vacuous film about absolutely nothing. It requires a connoisseuer of nothingness to make something of it. The film begins with mundane, meaningless conversation between two well off 30 something drifters, who vaguely know each other. All […]