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Lion Spy exposes big game hunting in new documentary

BY RENEE DALLOW With rhino’s on the verge of extinction and a similar fate about to befall the 20,000 lions left in Africa, Australian filmmaker, Rogue Rubin, decided that urgent action needed to be taken. “How could I ignore this? There is one defining loyalty in everyone’s lives and this was mine,” said Rogue. Disguised […]

Zola Is An Only In America Tale

BY RENEE DALLOW Zola is a quirky, twirking, trailer trash film based on a tweet about sex trafficking. It is also a road movie with some devious and, sort of funny, twists and turns. The whole scenario starts at Hooters when two pole dancers meet and decide to team up. The real fun, however, begins […]

REVIEW: Genesian Theatre’s ‘Home Chat’

BY RENEE DALLOW Noel Coward’s witty play, Home Chat, opened to rapturous applause at The Genesian Theatre last Saturday night. The play was scheduled for early on in the year but, due to lockdown, could not commence. What a treat it was to see this play just as Sydney begins it’s grand reopening. What better […]

The Return Of Theatre Royal

BY RENEE DALLOW There is nothing quite like live theatre and what better time to revive the theatre scene than right now? Sydney’s Theatre Royal is still in the process of being carefully and tastefully restored and refurbished with the original detail and design still present. “The Theatre Royal is really suited for many different […]

Kinky Boots

Rockdale Musical Society has chosen to celebrate its 80th anniversary with something a little more challenging. Kinky Boots is a production that promises to make the whole audience consider strutting their stuff down the catwalk. The company has apparently even made their own boots for the show which are already much in demand. In multiple colours […]

Opera High Tea – Opera Goes To The Movies

According to Murray Dahm, artistic director of Opera Bites, opera needs to be relatable to the masses and not seen just as high-class entertainment for the elite. With this in mind, Dahm and his company aim for complete immersion of the audience. The idea is to make opera pieces engaging and accessible by demystifying them. […]

A Dog’s Journey

A Dog’s Journey, directed by Gail Mancuso, is a picture book corn-fed, country style, feel-good movie with a difference. Yes, it’s the story of a dog, told by a dog who keeps coming back as a different dog but it is also the story of a fractured family unit with all the angst and complications […]

Blinded By The Light

Blinded By The Light, directed by Gurinder Chadha, is described as a, ‘feel hood film’ and, that is exactly how it should be described. From the very beginning, this film exudes a positive energy and pace which does not give in to the mundane ordinariness of it’s setting but rather, transcends it. The film is […]

Life Of Galileo

Life Of Galileo, by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Eamon Flak and starring one of Australia’s best-known actors, Colin Friels, is soon to open at The Belvoir. In the words of Flak, “this play offers a great role for a great actor. I love how bracing its argument about truth is. It just presents the most […]

An Unexpected Love

This film which questions the validity of lifelong love between couples heading into their golden years was an unexpected surprise. Ricardo Darin (Marco) and Mercedes Moran (Ana) play empty nesters whose son has left for university in another city. Suddenly faced with the fact that they now have only each other to spend the rest […]