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Parralox feat. Francine – Crying on the Dancefloor

A musical project created by Melburnian John von Ahlen, Parralox has forged a name for incredibly melodic, flawlessly produced pop/dance and their latest offering, Crying on the Dancefloor, is no exception. Officially a single from their next album, which is due to drop in November, this release features seven tracks – four mixes of Crying […]

Talking Through Your Arts – Remixing arts and culture

Product life cycles are shrinking and the desire for the ‘next new thing’ is fiercer than ever.  Innovate or die. What’s likely to kill you in the new economy is not somebody doing something better; it’s somebody doing something different.  At the same time as competition is increasing, so is collaboration among competitors. The intersection […]


From a successful original single stems a short EP of well thought-out reincarnations. Melbourne-native Rob Masterton aka Super Magic Hats has created a three-song collection that not only showcases his own beat-tastic talent, but that of his peers – including Japanese Wallpaper, Flash Forest and Friendships.  The award for most intriguing of the three has […]