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Sydney filmmakers take inspiration from refugee stories

Two Sydney-based filmmakers have been named finalists in the 2014 Shorts in Paradise Film Festival. Trent Bartfeld and Tanya Goldberg, both based in Darlinghurst, were nominated against 10 other short films. Mr Bartfeld, who wrote and co-produced Great Western, said: “Short films are primarily a launch pad for people who have artistic vision and opinion […]

Students protest asylum seeker relocation

By Xiaoran Shi A group of five protestors blocked off a main road outside Villawood Detention Centre on Tuesday, April 15, temporarily obstructing traffic and stopping two buses transporting 23 asylum seekers to facilities in the Northern Territory. The direct action, organised autonomously by a group of students from the University of Sydney, UNSW and […]

Tailor-made solutions for refugees

When Javed and Fahmida Khan first decided to flee Pakistan, they knew they were taking a risk as much as ameliorating one. Javed was a clerk in the high court and Fahmida a school teacher, but in Australia that would count for little. “In Pakistan we were persecuted because of Fahmida’s role, she was a […]

Refugees making a crust

Chantelle Oo is a trainee baker and refugee from Burma, whose life is being changed by a Marrickville-based social enterprise, the Bread and Butter Project. Created by the Bourke Street Bakery, the project is a wholesale artisan bakery suppling food outlets throughout the inner city, while training refugees for future employment. Ms Oo is in […]

Asylum outrage sparks community campaigns

Community groups advocating a more compassionate approach to asylum seeker policy have reported large increases in membership and engagement. The renewed interest is thought to be in response to recent media coverage highlighting the living conditions of asylum seekers at offshore processing centres on Manus Island and Nauru. Reported controversies include the confiscation of glasses, […]

Building bridges for refugees

The second annual Building Bridges Festival will be held to highlight refugee rights, this Friday at The Standard in Surry Hills. The festival aims to end what organisers call the draconian policies of mandatory detention for those seeking asylum in Australia, with money raised forwarded to refugee advocacy groups. Festival Director Ben Eadie said the […]