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REVIEW: Our Blood Runs In The Street

Stories of brutal historical gay hate crimes perpetrated in Sydney in the closing decades of the 20th century, and their dismissal by law enforcement of NSW, are slowly trickling into mainstream media. Murders once put aside as muggings, suicides and misadventure are now being revisited via an ongoing parliamentary inquiry into those crimes. Directed by […]

Vertical Dreaming

A Redline Production compiled and arranged by Andrew Henry comes Vertical Dreaming, an entertaining and revealing cabaret of the songs and poems that saved Henry’s life. In 2017, Henry checked into a facility to treat depression. During this time, he discovered a scrapbook full of poems, recalling “With not much to do in there it […]

REVIEW: The Telescope

The Telescope is a feel good play that will keep you smiling from start to finish. Literally, the play begins with a man on stage that has the most mischievous look on his face that immediately makes the crowd burst into laughter. The entirety of the play is filled with hidden jokes and little quirks, left, right and […]

REVIEW: Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

Set in Baghdad in 2003 in the aftermath of the invasion, this is one of the earliest written plays depicting the chaos of the time. Written by Rajiv Joseph in 2009, this fits into a plethora of film and literature produced about the trauma of the Iraq war experience. The story revolves around two American […]

REVIEW: Babes In The Woods

The hilarity starts immediately with the Christmas pantomime created especially for all-time favourite venue, the Old Fitz, an onslaught of tacky tinsel curtain and theatrical haze enveloping the stage and paper bags of cabbage leaves on our seats to hurl at the actors, medieval style. An organist wearing a red fez and dressing gown plays […]