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Toby Schmitz Stars In Thom Pain (Based On Nothing)

Red Line Productions presents a world first live-streamed theatre season and a specially commissioned live concert event. Toby Schmitz, a multi-award winning Australian actor, is a master of the tragic and comic, making him ideal for Will Eno’s acclaimed one man show, Thom Pain (Based On Nothing). There will also be a specially commissioned live concert: […]

REVIEW: Krapp’s Last Tape

There are two stars of Krapp’s Last Tape, the Samuel Beckett one-act that opened in a Red Line Productions show at the Old Fitz Theatre on Thursday. One is the set, by Brian Thomson, an accomplished worker on stage and film. A towering, glum phalanx of filing cabinets, battered and painted in a wan palette of […]


From the field to the theatre, Red Line Productions’ Fierce brings the world of AFL to the stage at the Old Fitz Theatre. Written by Jane E. Thompson the play tells the story of Suzie Flack, a female Aussie Rules Football player who enters the men’s league. But it’s about more than just “an ode to” […]

Creating Together

By Rita Bratovic. Being an independent artist can be rewarding and frustrating in equal measure; from the creative burden of staying fresh and interesting, or the practical dilemma of finding money for the next project, to the exhilaration of breaking new ground and thrilling new audiences. Collaboration is a way for artists to access more […]

The Night Alive

What happens when people on the fringes of society find themselves in a rundown Dublin flat? Strife, questions, and the possibility of that last chance after so many. In Irish playwright Conor McPherson’s The Night Alive people are damaged and imperfect, but not resigned to personal oblivion – not yet. Central character Tommy, played by […]

The Village Bike

The convergence of talent in Red Line Productions current staging of The Village Bike makes it a rare and thrilling theatre experience. Penelope Skinner’s sharp, unapologetically vulgar script, a cast of capable, intuitive actors and the brilliant set design by Anna Gardiner & Martelle Hunt come together under the keen direction of Rachel Chant in […]

The Shadow Box

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony Award for Best Play, The Shadow Box gives a 24-hour snapshot into the lives of three terminal cancer patients. Red Line Productions and producer Dino Dimitriatis bring this courageous play to the Old Fitz. Having reached the end of their treatments, each patient lives with […]

Review: The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant

Notorious German writer and filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder made the film version of his own play, Die Bitteren Tranen der Petra von Kant (The Bitter Tears Of Petra von Kant) in 1972. It is gaudy and uber camp, with melodrama and contrived dialogue tossed about like leopard print cushions on a white vinyl lounge. Bringing […]

Howie The Rookie

Two men, two chairs, two monologues that interweave a dark and complex story. Andrew Henry and Sean Hawkins bring Howie The Rookie to the stage in an exciting minimalist production. The play has special significance for both men, since it was the first they produced with Red Line Productions and with Vanessa Wright as stage […]

80 Minutes No Interval

Laughing at the unfortunate failures of other people can be an uplifting and almost life affirming experience that serves to reassure the rest of us that we may have not screwed up completely. Travis Cotton’s play 80 Minutes No Interval, a black comedy that is bold and slightly absurd, allows us to do just that. […]