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Renters are calling for a non-compliance registry for dodgy landlords

By RACHEL CLARK Dealing with a dodgy landlord is almost like hearing an old wives’ tale, believing that these stories we hear could never happen to us – until it does. That situation that became a reality for Rachel Black. Having not rented a house in 15 years, until a work opportunity came up in […]

Bondi’s unreal estate

Part 1 of a two-part feature by PAUL PAECH   It happens all the time: you’re chatting with some promising new acquaintance when they toss out the got-ya question, and you know you’re being pegged out. You’re trapped: whatever you answer it means way more than you want it to mean. Erskineville, Bronte, Ultimo they […]

Eviction looms over Welfare Street tenants

By Joe Bourke A legal battle continues between property developers Centennial Property Group (CPG) and residents of Welfare Street, Homebush, who refuse to be evicted. In December CPG, under offshoot company HBW No 1 Pty Ltd, auctioned the 12 properties for $4.7 million. Letters of eviction were delivered on November 7 just two days after […]


Everybody knows how difficult it is to rent or buy a reasonably priced apartment in Sydney and the competition has never been more intense. We have reminisced before on the good old days when back in the 1980s there was an abundance of rentable properties, agents were almost begging you to sign a lease and […]