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Historical Aussie film at Randwick Ritz

Newsfront is a “must-see” for people interested in the history of cinema in Australia, and for those working in and consuming today’s news media. First seen in 1978, Newsfront dealt with the politics of Australia between 1948 and 1956. This included Robert Menzies’ re-election as Australia’s Prime Minister, the 1951 referendum to ban the Communist Party, […]

AKONI – Local Film Premiere To Celebrate World Refugee Week

Over 100 million people are currently displaced worldwide due to conflict. The small award-winning Aussie independent film, Akoni, tells the story of one of these people - a homeless Nigerian refugee who struggles to find a path to happiness in Australia. After a tragedy occurs in his war-ridden country Akoni is left destitute and homeless […]

Children’s International Film Festival: The Best Kid’s Flicks From Around The Globe

The Children’s International Film Festival (CHIFF) returns for its fourth season with a program of incredible films from around the world. The selection of shorts, features, animation, CGI, and live-action films cater for kids aged 3 to 16. From simple non-verbal animations through to live-action light horror, and everything in-between, there’s something even the fussiest […]

Bar Fly: Randwick Ritz

Sitting on an all but empty balcony looking down over The Spot on a Friday night, I’m wondering if the street level punters are missing the point.


It is once again time to celebrate the surf, sand, sun and sea with the 11th Annual Amaysim Australian Surf Movie Festival. The festival is touring around Australia presenting independent surf movies and incorporating local businesses, surfers and music. Tim Bonython, director of the initiative, says that the movies on display this year showcase the […]