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Not tolerating intolerance

BY SORAYA PEREZ MOHAMMED A slew of prominent Australian community members came together to fight racism last week, vowing to push back against the government's racist changes to immigration laws. Comedian Jennifer Wong, Pakistani clothing designer Zara Ahmed, Artist and poet Candy Royalle, Greens MP Jenny Leong and DJ/Artist Sezzo Snot were among a diverse […]

Sydney University academic suspended over offensive emails

Sydney University Professor Barry Spurr was caught exchanging offensive emails with university colleagues last week. Sent from his university email account over a two-year period, the emails included a series of offensive remarks. In one instance, Mr Spurr referred to Sydney University Chancellor Belinda Hutchinson as an “appalling minx”. The emails, uncovered by New Matilda, […]

White supremacist group resurfaces in inner Sydney

A white supremacist group has begun a new racist campaign around Sydney’s inner city suburbs this week. The group, called Squadron 88, made themselves known to inner city residents in late August when they began distributing anti-Semitic flyers around the eastern suburbs. A series of media reports on the campaign seemed to lead the group […]

Jewish schools heighten security following anti-Semitic attack

Jewish schools in Sydney’s eastern suburbs have increased security measures to protect their students from anti-Semitic attacks following an incident on a school bus in Randwick last week. Jewish schools in the area now have armed guards operating at their gates and members of the NSW Police patrolling the vicinity. Three young students aged between […]

Fears over rise of racism in the inner city

Local residents have voiced concerns about xenophobic flyers distributed to inner city suburbs this week. Community activists have speculated that the federal government's lenient approach towards discriminatory speech may have fostered this activity. As City Hub goes to print, the federal government announced it would abandon proposed changes to Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination […]

Indian film turns spotlight on racism in Oz

A controversial Indian filmmaker plans to start shooting a film on racial discrimination on the sly in Melbourne this month, according to Indian media reports. The film, Crook: It’s Good to Be Bad, sets out to shed light on racism in Australia. Producer Mahesh Bhatt told the Calcutta Tube that the film traces a young […]

The extreme right lives

Since the report in the last edition of the City Hub of an ‘infiltration’ by the far-right Public Information Forum into the Humanist Society in Chippendale, evidence has come to light of a resurgence of activity from the alphabet soup of organisations that make up the Sydney far right. Racist and anonymous leaflets have been […]