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REVIEW: Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert – The Musical

Fabulous, outrageous, hilarious, audacious and even a little bit sentimental. Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert - The Musical returns to the stage, bigger and bolder than a drag queen’s wig. Award winning director, Simon Phillips has achieved the seemingly impossible and reimagined this iconic story in a production that feels fresh and innovative while retaining all […]

Swinging Safari

Destined to be a classic alongside pillars such as The Castle? No. Not even close. How can a movie made by Stephan Elliot (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of The Desert, 1994) with an elite Australian cast (Guy Pearce, Radha Mitchell, Jeremy Sims, Kylie Minogue, Julian McMahon, Asher Keddie and Jack Thompson) be this incredibly […]

Making Muriel

Muriel’s Wedding is like Cher, Friends and Messina ice cream: it’s practically impossible not to love it. So the staging of it was always going to be a daunting task; cultish fans feel an ownership over this story, which came out in a truly golden year for Australian cinema (1994 - the same year as […]