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Trophy Eyes – The American Dream

The third record from Trophy Eyes has them continuing to blur the boarders between punk/hardcore and pop-rock. This time around with The American Dream the band are taking an introspective look at life as they search for a utopian dreamland free from the vile toxicity spewed across social media today. With this record the group […]

Bare Bones – Bad Habits

Sydney’s own Bare Bones have come out of the gate with the accelerator already flat to the floor despite Bad Habits being their debut full length record. Opening track Thick As Thieves kicks the maelstrom of off-kilter guitar riffs and southern punk inspired record instantly into gear, so if you’re immediately hooked then this record […]

Columbia Buffet – How To Survive An Atomic Bomb

Within the music there is an unavoidable image of a beach, one where teenagers fall in love, fight and probably get back together – accompanied by rhymes that pour out and describe their deepest, most desperate feelings. This reviewer (and no doubt some of the listeners) has never lived by the beach, but in these fluid […]

Stories – The Youth To Become

Sydneysiders Stories come out swinging in the first few tracks of their album, and pack quite a punch delivering fast hardcore punk. Then just as you’re about to be beaten into submission by their opening flurry, the band switches things up by slowing the tempo and consoling you back to full strength. The remainder of […]

We Are the Best!

With ABBA splitting, it seems the two most dangerous things left in 1982 Stockholm were boredom and conformity: enter two loveable 13-year-old nonconformists, Bobo (Mira Barkhammar) and Klara (Mira Grosin), who believe punk is the recipe for life – despite the fact that everyone else says it’s dead. They set out to convert shy Christian […]

Mere Women

When thinking outside the box means recording your sophomore album in a cold-storage warehouse in the height of a rural New South Wales summer, there's bound to be some questions. Questions that Mere Women axe-man and co-vocalist Flyn McKinnirey is only too happy to shed some light on when discussing Your Town. “Our engineer’s brother, […]

Mere Women – Your Town

Mere women’s second record Your Town is bursting with punk energy and counteracting any post-punk burn with beautiful voices, blending effortlessly into the mix without overshadowing it. This is Your Town, don’t be shy, come in and have a listen, it’s edgy and it’s raw and it's got that melodic sound that punk has never […]

Anti-Nowhere League/Damn Garrison – Split EP

English punk rockers Anti-Nowhere League share this four-track EP with American counterparts Damn Garrison. Listeners must be forewarned the opening two tracks by Anti-Nowhere League cover some controversial and polarising topics with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. Alternatively, Damn Garrison are much more palatable and thus have a wider appeal. Musically neither band breaks far from traditional […]


Fast-paced, rocking and full of the punk underdog spirit; Shameless’ voice resonates with a mixture of sounds bouncing off one another, like a landslide of gravel. Just as fast, the tracks on Guilty come at the listener with a sense of pushing into their ears and irritating the brain, grating against it and producing restless […]