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Prinnie Stevens

Growing up Prinnie Stevens says she lived in a fantasy world of music and performance, but today that fantasy world has become her reality. In a year when everything seems like a weird fever dream or fantasy Stevens explained to City Hub that 2020 has actually allowed her to return to her roots to rediscover […]

Hear Me Roar

When Helen Reddy released the powerhouse anthem, I Am Woman in 1971, it became a war cry for the feminist movement and positive affirmation for women around the world. Almost 50 years later, the song finds new resonance in a social landscape dominated by ever louder female voices. Hear Me Roar (the second line of that […]

REVIEW: The Bodyguard Musical

Once a movie, now the musical and while neither reach any dramatic highs, this show does enough to leave audiences smiling. It’s a visceral sensual experience from the start with thermal flairs and gunshots a visual feast of colour and lights – and then you have Paulini. A show like this, which is essentially a vehicle […]