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Protest arrests at Mardi Gras

Two members of the radical LGBTIQ group Pride In Protest were arrested at last weekend's Mardi Gras parade. The arrests highlighted an odd division in Sydney’s gay community. Pride in Protest don’t like the commercialization of the annual massive parade and want to put control of it back into the hands of activists; they also […]

Parade or Protest: what matters more?

By RITA BRATOVICH Members of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras will elect its board of directors this Saturday, November 30, in what has the potential to be a highly volatile Annual General Meeting. Vying for a place each on the board are four candidates from the group Pride In Protest. The group has been […]

Mardi Gras pride not for all

By Michael Hitch Rainbow flags, Drag Queens and a false sense of achievement? The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras will return in 2019 to celebrate its 41st anniversary, but activists say the event is ignoring the suffering of queer refugees and forgetting its roots in protest in favour of commercialism. The theme next year […]