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Upton opposes Abortion Bill

By VANESSA LIM Liberal Vaucluse MP Gabrielle Upton voted against the abortion bill after Premier Gladys Berejikilian caved in to her conservative colleagues in the Liberal Party and allowed a conscience vote on the bill. This allowed politicians a vote based on their personal moral and ethical beliefs and did not attach politicians to the […]

Zoe’s Law gets bumped

A controversial bill to grant foetal personhood, expected to be brought on for debate in this parliamentary session, has been delayed in the upper house and now faces an uncertain future. Zoe’s Law, as it is known, would declare an unborn child to be a separate living person once it exceeds 20 weeks gestation or […]

Woman’s right to abortion threatened

Legal personhood would be granted to a foetus in NSW for grievous bodily harm offences and may threaten a woman’s legal right to terminate her pregnancy, under a bill tabled to State Parliament. The Crimes Amendment Bill, tabled by Liberal MP Chris Spence, seeks to recognise the separate existence of a foetus of a pregnant […]