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Harbour health dead in the water

By VERONICA ANASSIS Stormwater debris from suburban gutter and land pollution are destroying Sydney Harbour, smothering marine life and creating uninhabitable areas called “dead zones,” say researchers. According to the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS), they’ve found patches of harbour water where no signs of life, not even bacteria, can exist due to low […]

Coathanger climb, cruise ship crusade, diving birds, diving for trash: News Bites – 18 Sept 2019

Bite-sized bulletins by ALEC SMART Climate of peers Thousands are expected to attend Friday’s Global Climate Strike gathering at The Domain in Sydney. On September 20, three days before world leaders meet in New York for the United Nations Emergency Climate Summit, hundreds of thousands of school students and workers across Australia will join millions […]

Toll road threatens heavy toll

BY WENDY BACON Brian Gorman could have died at 37 years of age. He told the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into WestConnex last week that he was diagnosed then with grade three bladder cancer. After radical surgery, he survived. At the time he was living in Balmain near the ferry terminal from where diesel fumes drifted into […]

WestConnex pollution on the rise

BY TOMMY BOUTROS The Inner West Council has hit out at the NSW Government’s most recently released Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for WestConnex. The WestConnex Stage 3 EIS was released only 10 working days after the period for community consultation closed. The EIS outlines that there will be an increase in pollutant concentrations from automobiles […]

WestConnex nightmare continues

BY WENDY BACON Last Friday, residents of apartments on the corner of Euston and Sydney Park Rd in Alexandria scored a small win. The NSW government has decided that instead of building the Westconnex motorway less than two metres from their house, it will now be between 3.5 and four metres. Spokeperson for the Friends […]

Pollution data may be worthless

By Shami Sivasubramanian & Michael Koziol Sydney Ports has warned that data collected by additional air quality monitors at the White Bay Cruise Terminal may be compromised. The government body promised extra monitoring at or near residential properties close to the terminal, in response to complaints from residents about air and noise pollution. But in […]

Unrest at White Bay over fumes

Residents of Balmain are demanding action from the Sydney Ports Authority on what they describe as "extreme pollution" emanating from ships at the White Bay cruise terminal. The Sea Princess, which docked on the recent long weekend, was the subject of particular grievance, with locals describing toxic fumes and a lingering smell detectable for more […]