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Christmas gifts are usually given as a sign of affection or friendship and chosen to suit the particular recipient. Not everybody likes what they receive and some gifts find their way back to a department store or are creatively rewrapped and regifted. Yes, there are some ungrateful bastards out there, as it’s supposedly the thought […]

REVIEW: The Wharf Revue – Can of Worms

After more than two decades of providing Australia’s annual dose of satirical laughs, the boys, aided and abetted by the fabulous Amanda Bishop, are back with their revue called Can Of Worms. Again, Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phil Scott present their yearly assessment of Australian and international politics and political leaders. As the publicity […]


Politics and sport have always combined to produce some particularly ugly moments such as the 1936 Berlin Olympics, hijacked by the Nazis as a hideous propaganda exercise. In Australia the 1971 South African Springbok tour was met with numerous anti-apartheid protests but a decade later in New Zealand a similar tour led almost to a […]

Greens accuse Labor of refusing to share power in Inner West Council debate over Mayoral misconduct

By EVA BAXTER A tumultuous Inner West Council meeting led to council acknowledging the findings by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) that Labor Mayor Darcy Byrne was guilty of misconduct. Greens Clr Louise Steer told the Independent, “it is a big step to do a motion like that against the Mayor and it […]

The fallacy of sustainable growth

Opinion by PETER HEHIR In the slums of the England that Dickens wrote so vividly about, the working poor saw 3 or four families squeezed into one dwelling with a dozen or more sleeping in one room. Irish immigrants were welcomed as a source of cheap labour and in the eyes of many English, they […]


I can’t say that I have ever been much of a fan of Lady Gaga but I will admit she did a belting version of the Star Spangled Banner at Joe Biden’s inauguration last week. And let’s quash the rumour that there were three secret service agents concealed in that bellowing dress she was wearing. You wonder […]

Come to the aid of the Party!

By PETER HEHIR I recall a line from my school days in the late 50s. I like to think it accompanied one of those fabulous black and white line etched drawings that peppered the School Reader like; “The Relief of Lucknow”; or “The Inchcape Rock” and “When did you last see your father?” “Now is […]

Pandemic Pets

By Rida Babar With pets being an unspoken part of the Australian identity, it is no surprise that a bill has been forward by the Animal Justice Party (AJP), which stated that bylaws in strata schemes which prohibit animals should be removed. While there are not a number of details released about the bill at […]

Malcolm Turnbull In Conversation With Annabel Crabb

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and respected journalist Annabel Crabb will be live streaming an in conversation on The Sydney Writer's Festival Facebook page at 7pm, April 27. This will mark the first event in the new digital programming for the Sydney Writers Festival. Malcom Turnbull is set to discuss his new and already controversial […]

REVIEW: Aaron Patrick – The Surprise Party

If Labor had read this book there would have been no need for an internal inquiry into how and why they lost the election because Aaron Patrick tells us in The Surprise Party how the coalition snatched victory from the jaws of chaos. Blow by blow accounts of both sides leading up to the election […]