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Rich-v-poor policing: Sydney lockdown differs per suburb

By ALEC SMART When it comes to policing Covid-19 restrictions, Sydney appears to be divided by its economic regions. The inner suburbs, dominated by lower-income earners, are facing enthusiastic police patrols issuing spot-fines to perceived transgressors of the emergency lockdown laws, while the more affluent neighbourhoods like Balmain and the North Shore suburbs are apparently […]

Youth cop unwanted attention

BY ANNA FREELAND The Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR) has publicly condemned the disproportionate targeting of Indigenous and young Australians by a NSW Police program. Described as a pre-emptive policing initiative, The Suspect Target Management Plan (STMP) came under fire last month after a report by the Youth Justice Coalition (YJC) revealed that the […]

Glebe harbour park to go dry

BY JOEY FENAUGHTY A proposed extension of the alcohol-free zone in Jubilee Park has provoked ire among some Glebe locals. Police have stepped up patrols of the alcohol-free area in Jubilee Park in Glebe, coinciding with a proposal to extend the prohibition zone to the foreshore. An alcohol-free zone gives police the power to move […]